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BWCA Campsite 1932 on Rice

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On 12/29/2023 7:52:36 PM, mschi772 said:

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There is a significant difference between how this site IS and what it has to potential to be with just a little use. The worst things about this site--herbaceous vegetation and muck--would likely be reduced with more use. Ignoring those things, it is a very exposed site and will remain so unless maybe a decent spot is found back in the trees as the forest continues to mature. The fire grate is level with good ground around it (again, ignoring the vegetation that would quickly dissipate with more use), and there is a nice view of Rice Lake. The lake is shallow and was pure rice in September, but we were still able to get around fine. We intend to return to this area next year, and we will likely make a deliberate effort to give this site some use.
On 9/16/2022 1:43:58 PM, Riley Smith said:

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One of my hobbies is visiting old/abandoned campsites and seeing if I can find them. After the forest service marked this one as "open" this spring, my interest is peaked. Rice isn't exactly a destination lake and it isn't even really a lake most of the year. I did find the site. The landing leaves a lot to be desired. The waist deep muck was a nice touch (ask me how I know.) The next thing I found was the grate which was pretty well grown over with plants growing under it. It certainly hasn't seen a fire since Pagami. There were no tent pads. But the most peculiar thing was this perfectly cut trail back to the brand new biff. Glad they replaced that! Haha. Still not much of a site. If you stay and make a fire though, you could be the first in a long while!
On 5/13/2022 7:42:55 PM, TuscaroraBorealis said:

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Campsite has been abandoned.
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Aptly Named Lake
Aptly Named Lake by Riley Smith
No Fire Since Pagami
No Fire Since Pagami by Riley Smith
This campsite is open?
This campsite is open? by Riley Smith
Brand new BIFF!
Brand new BIFF! by Riley Smith
Nice Garden
Nice Garden by Riley Smith
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