KMZ & GPX Downloads

The files on this page are updated daily from the information on Paddle Planner. You can use them for offline mapping applications or uploading to a GPS. The information is not guaranteed to be accurate, so please use due caution when using them.

These downloads are for personal use only. For any other use, including commercial and noncommercial applications, please contact us.

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KMZ Files

KMZ files are used with Google Earth. This offers the ability to explore using a different interface and offline.

For All Users

Algonquin Provincial Park
Manitoba-Ontario Wilderness Area - Includes Woodland Caribou, Whiteshell, Nopiming, Manigotagan River, and Atikaki Provincial Parks
Sylvania Wilderness Area

For Map Enthusiast and Above

These downloads are only available to map enthusiast members and above.

BWCA/Quetico with Lake Contours

GPX Files

GPX files can be used in a variety of GPS applications. Usually these can be uploaded right to your GPS or used in almost any mapping software.

Algonquin Provincial Park

Algonquin Campsites
Algonquin Portage Landings


If traveling along the border, use the BWCA/Quetico downloads as some portages appear in only one area on this website but are actually used by travelers in both areas.

BWCA/Quetico Campsites
BWCA/Quetico Portage Landings
BWCA Campsites
BWCA Portage Landings
Quetico Campsites
Quetico Portage Landings

Manitoba-Ontario Wilderness Area

The Manitoba downloads include Whiteshell, Nopiming, Manigotagan River, and Atikaki Provincial Parks.

Woodland Caribou Campsites
Woodland Caribou Portage Landings
Manitoba Campsites

Sylvania Wilderness Area

Sylvania Campsites
Sylvania Portage Landings

Wabakimi Area

Wabakimi Campsites
Wabakimi Portage Landings