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NameMain ParkSummer GuideShuttleTow BoatRentalsHunting GuideWinter GuideDog SleddingIs Non ProfitCooperator 
 Cliff Wold's Canoe Trip Outfitting BWCA X X    X99
 Hungry Jack Outfitters BWCAXXXX    X99
 Moose Track Adventures BWCAXX X    X95
Chilly Dogs Sled Dog Kennel BWCA     XX  91
 Canoe Country Outfitters BWCAXXXX    X77
 Branch's Seine River Lodge Outfitters QueticoXX XX    73
 Voyageur Wilderness QueticoXX X    X68
 Seagull Canoe Outfitters BWCA XXX    X58
 Wabakimi Canoe Outfitters & EcoLodge Wabakimi XXX     57
 Tuscarora Canoe Outfitters BWCA XXX    X48
 Williams and Hall Outfitters BWCAXXXX    X45
 Boundary Waters Outfitters BWCAXXXX X  X42
 Voyageur Canoe Outfitters BWCA  XX    X41
 Voyageur Outward Bound School BWCAXX   X X 36
 Piragis Northwoods Company BWCAXXXX X  X25
 Packsack Canoe Trips & Log Cabins, Inc. BWCAXXXX    X24
 Ely Outfitting Company BWCAXXXX    X22
 Anderson's Canoe Outfitters BWCAXX X     13
 North Country Canoe Outfitters BWCAXXXX    X12
 Rockwood Lodge & Outfitters BWCA X X    X12
 Gunflint Northwoods Outfitters BWCAXX X  X X11
 Voyageur North Canoe Outfitters BWCA XXX    X7
 Spirit of the Wilderness Outfitters BWCAXXXX    X3
Adventurous Christians Convenant BWCAX X    XX0
Aho, Tim BWCA    X    0
Algonquin Outfitters - Bracebridge Algonquin         0
Algonquin Outfitters - Brent Algonquin   X     0
Algonquin Outfitters - Gull River AlgonquinX  X     0
Algonquin Outfitters - Haliburton Algonquin   X     0
Algonquin Outfitters - Hidden Valley Ski Area Algonquin     X   0
Algonquin Outfitters - Huntsville Algonquin   X     0
Algonquin Outfitters - Lake of Two Rivers Store Algonquin   X     0
Algonquin Outfitters - Minden Algonquin   X     0
Algonquin Outfitters - Opeongo AlgonquinX XX     0
Algonquin Outfitters - Oxtongue Lake AlgonquinXXXX X   0
Algonquin Outfitters - Port Carling AlgonquinXXXX X   0
Algonquin Outfitters - Sir Sam’s Ski Area Algonquin         0
Arrowhead Wilderness Outfitters BWCA    X    0
Atikokan Aero Quetico  X      0
Babe's Bait BWCAX        0
Back Country Guided Hunts BWCA    X    0
Basswood Trails Guide Service BWCAX   X    0
Bear Track Outfitting Company BWCAX XX    X0
Bearskin Wilderness Outfitters BWCAXX X  X X0
Big Lake Wilderness Lodge BWCAXX      X0
Blue Fin Bay Resort BWCAX  X X   0
Boreal Triangle Guide Service BWCAX    X   0
Boundary Country Trekking BWCAXX   X  X0
Boundary Waters Experience BWCAX      X 0
Boundary Waters Guide Service LLC BWCAXXXX    X0
Camp Birchwood for Boys BWCAX        0
Camp Mishawaka BWCAX        0
Camp Nebagamon BWCAX      X 0
Camp Quetico QueticoXX XX    0
Camp Voyageur BWCAX  X X XX0
Campbell's Cabins QueticoX XX     0
Canadian Quetico Outfitters Quetico X X     0
Canadian Waters BWCAXXXX    X0
Canoe Canada Outfitters Quetico XXX     0
Carlson, Joe BWCAX        0
Clearwater Canoe Outfitters & Lodge BWCAXXX     X0
Custom Cabin Rentals BWCAX X     X0
Deep Roots Adventure AlgonquinX  X     0
Derr's Outdoors Guide Service BWCAX   X    0
Dretzel, Cody BWCA    X    0
Duane's Canoe Outfitters BWCA X X    X0
Echo Trail Outfitters BWCA X X    X0
Ely Outdoors Company, LLC BWCAXXXX    X0
Eva Lake Resort & Wilderness Outposts Quetico XXX     0
Fuhrman, Ron (Whetstone Ministries) BWCAX      X 0
Girl Scouts of MN & WI Lakes & Pines BWCAX  X   XX0
Grand Slam Guide Service BWCAX   X    0
Green Earth Outdoors BWCAX        0
Gunderson, Leif (Gold Mine Camp) BWCA    X    0
Hane, William BWCAX        0
Hard Water Sports BWCA   X     0
Hill, Eli BWCAX        0
Indiaonta Resort QueticoX   X    0
Jasper Creek Guide Service BWCAXXXX     0
Kawishiwi Lodge & Outfitters, Inc. BWCA X X    X0
Lady Bug Lodge & Canoe Expeditions BWCAX        0
LaTourell's Inc BWCAXXXX    X0
Little Vince's Guide Service BWCAX        0
Lodge of Whispering Pines BWCAXX X XX X0
Mattison, Greg and Janice BWCA   X     0
Mike Stark's Ely Guide Service BWCAX        0
Morris' Camp on Niobe Lake Quetico X X     0
Murphy's Border Country Adventures BWCA     XX  0
North Star Christian Adventures BWCAX      X 0
Northern Redneck Outfitters BWCA    X    0
Northern Tier Donald Rogert Canoe Base QueticoX XX   X 0
Northern Tier High Adventure Base BSA BWCAXXXX X XX0
Northwind Outdoor Recreation , Inc. BWCAXX X     0
Nor'Wester Lodge BWCA   X    X0
Orcutt, James BWCAX        0
Outdoor PURSUIT! College of St. Scholastica BWCA   X     0
Outward Bound Wilderness BWCAX  X XXXX0
Pearson, Tom BWCA    X    0
Phantom Ranch Bible Camp BWCAX      X 0
Pittman, Max BWCAX        0
Points Unknown BWCA      X  0
Quetico North Tourist Services Quetico XXX     0
QuetiQuest Outfitters QueticoXX XX    0
Red Lake Outfitters Woodland CaribouXXXX X   0
Reigert, Paul BWCAX        0
River Point Outfitting Company BWCAXX X    X0
Rob Nelson's Ely Fishing Guide Co. BWCAX        0
Rosenwinkel, Mary Susan BWCAX        0
Runningen, Larry BWCA    X    0
Sawbill Canoe Outfitters, Inc. BWCA X X    X0
Sawtooth Outfitters BWCAXX X    X0
Seagull Creek Fishing Camp BWCAX       X0
Shepard, Kelly BWCA    X    0
Smitty's on Snowbank BWCA   X    X0
Soltreks BWCAX    X   0
Spencer, Tim BWCA    X    0
Stone Harbor Wilderness Supply BWCAX  X     0
Stoney Creek Kennels BWCA      X  0
Sylvania Outfitters Sylvania X X     0
Sylvania Wilderness Cabins Sylvania         0
The Moose Bay Company BWCAX X      0
The Wilderness Classroom BWCAX      X 0
Thistledew Programs - MCF - Togo BWCAX        0
Timber Trail Lodge BWCAX XX    X0
Vermilion Community College BWCA       X 0
Voyageur Lutheran Ministry BWCAX      XX0
Way of the Wilderness BWCA  XX    X0
Way To Go Canoe Outfitters BWCAXXXX XX  0
Wehseler, Rita BWCA      X  0
White Iron Beach Resort BWCAX  X    X0
White Wilderness BWCA     XX  0
White Wolf Dog Trips BWCA     XX  0
Wilderness Canoe Base BWCAX      XX0
Wilderness Inquiry BWCAX      X 0
Wilderness Journey Outfitters BWCAX        0
Wilderness Outfitters BWCAXXXXX   X0
Wilderness Outreach BWCAX        0
Wilderness Snow Journeys BWCA     X   0
Wilderness Wind Camp BWCAX  X   XX0
Windigo Lodge BWCAX  X X   0
Wintergreen Dogsled Lodge, Inc BWCA     XX  0
Wyteki Outfitters QueticoXXXX     0
YMCA Camp Manito-Wish BWCAX      X 0
YMCA Camp Menogyn BWCAX      XX0
YMCA Camp Warren BWCAX      X 0
YMCA Camp Widjiwagan BWCA       XX0
Zup's Fishing Resort & Canoe Outfitters BWCAX  X    X0
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