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BWCA Portage 38 (Alpine)

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Approximate Length:
157m (31 rods)


Climb/Descent Meters:

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On 1/30/2024 7:49:30 PM, halvorson.christopher said:
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Trail along the river. Not in great condition. but not as bad as all are making it sound.
On 1/19/2023 2:53:04 PM, OhPaddler said:
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Our first BWCA portage. No bueno. Fairly large rock garden at the entrance to Seagull with the portage being further along the creek. Slippery rocks, heavy packs, tight trees, steep trails. It's short - but the 100R portage is so.much.easier.
On 9/10/2020 4:16:03 PM, scottk22 said:
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I dont know why everyone is complaining about this portage. Don't take the actual portage, its a mess. Just get out of your canoe and walk it through the rapids, its not that hard. Actually it was quite enjoyable, something different.
On 7/24/2020 7:17:53 PM, sdgrey said:
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We were told by Seagull outfitters this is no longer a portage - so we didn't check it out at all
On 9/5/2018 11:45:31 PM, twincitiesjesse said:
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Went from Alpine to Seagull. There's a "real" landing blocked by a fallen tree and low water south of the landing on Alpine we used. The landing we used was a little farther. That was a pretty easy extension - some post-burn brush that would rub up against the canoe, but otherwise okay. On the "main" portage trail, there's three places with fallen trees that required unshouldering the canoe and carrying it through sideways. There's also one rock ledge I remember climbing up. Oh, and on the Seagull end, just downstream, you get to demi-décharge through some rapids, just like the Voyageurs of old did! Next time, we'll check out the other portage.
On 6/23/2018 10:03:47 PM, yngwies said:
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Imagine my disappointment finding a portage where the McKenzie map said there wasn't one. Imagine that tripled when we managed this unkept portage with gear and canoe only to find that the end brings you out right between the first and second set of rapids. We kept looking for the second portage that surely must be here...nope. Had to line the canoe down the last set of rapids. Not for the meek. Take the other 100 rod portage!
On 4/18/2018 1:54:36 PM, Wally Banger said:
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Going by land with canoe and gear is not possible. It is possible to pull through the river depending on water depth and speed. It is more predictable and just as fast to take the other portage.
On 9/7/2016 12:04:00 PM, Minnesota Wanderer said:
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Don't bother unless your part moose to break through the vegetation and branches, and part mountain goat to climb the rocks and jump the logs. Running it is not a good idea, and if you think your gonna line it, be ready to bust an ankle. Heed the comments and take the easy 100 rod portage.
On 7/29/2014 10:35:30 PM, Gavia said:
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This portage is very difficult: down trees and a near-vertical, rocky slope on the Alpine end. I had to line through a rock garden after putting in on Alpine. The 100r portage to the south is much easier.
On 6/28/2014 9:17:24 PM, Shankel said:
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Unkept, trees in the path, don't use this route.
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Alpine-Seagull 35r
Alpine-Seagull 35r by Gavia
Alpine-Seagull 35r rock garden
Alpine-Seagull 35r rock garden by Gavia
Seagull Lake to Alpine Lake 30r
Seagull Lake to Alpine Lake 30r by Gavia
Seagull Lake to Alpine Lake 30r line-through
Seagull Lake to Alpine Lake 30r line-through by Gavia
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