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Quetico Portage 5426

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Approximate Length:
1026m (204 rods)


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On 7/22/2022 3:42:12 PM, Gaidin53 said:
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Previous poster is correct. Its now 2 portages. We had a long walk through knee high water in grass at some points to get to the point you reach a landing where you load or unload the canoe. You then paddle for a bit and then unload the canoe to portage again. I'm going to include a picture of my Garmin track for this portage. I dropped waypoints and the hiking guy symbol are the canoe landings. I believe I marked these waypoints when I was actually standing in the place with my garmin. Not based off of my tracks so they are very accurate.
On 6/13/2020 9:05:37 PM, bioteachk said:
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Beavers have made 3 sets of dams along this portage. It is listed in the database in the recent past as being one long 200 rod portage. In 2011 it consisted of 2 small portages with a large flooded area in the middle. The first out of Kahshahpiwi begins at the far Northeast of the lake on the right side and travels along the right side for approximately 40 rods. At this point there was a large beaver dam that allowed us to put-in and travel east for another 100 rods approximately. We had to lift over two additional beaver dams along the way until we eventually reached an area too thick and narrow to allow passage by canoe. From there we took out on the right and traveled another 60 rods approximately to Trant lake. Very rocky on both portage sections. In low water years, this must be a boggy mess.
On 7/31/2018 11:50:41 PM, rpettit said:
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On Paddleplanner, the Mackenzie maps and the Fisher maps, this is shown as a single 204 rod portage. On The Adventure Map of Quetico (published by Chrismar Mapping Services, which can be purchased at Prairie Portage), this is shown as two portages: one of 350 meters (67 rods) and another of 220 meters (42 rods) with a river in between. Water levels were high enough that the center portion of this portage was navigable by canoe in July 2018 making the Chrismar maps the most accurate. Although there was a beaver dam at one point and large deadfall at another, each requiring a push portage, it is better to paddle than portage: when the water levels are high, do not do this as a single portage as the center stretch becomes a knee-deep swamp. It is much easier by canoe.
On 11/13/2013 3:02:13 PM, kmflynn said:
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Most of this is no longer walkable. Requires pull over at beaver dam quite early on when going from K-piwi to Trant - and then need to paddle and walk canoe through low lying bog/marsh for most of the rest of the portage. When you run out of marsh look for the portage trail again on the NE side. The last 60 rods or so are very rocky.
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Portage 5426
Portage 5426 by Gaidin53
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