Quetico Portage 5514 (Kahshahpiwi to McNiece)

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Approximate Length:
991m (197 rods)


Climb/Descent Meters:

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On 6/13/2020 9:35:39 PM, bioteachk said:
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This portage is longer than shown on Fisher Maps estimated approx 230 rods rather than 164on the map. Very rocky on the McNiece side climbing gradually along a bluff face overlooking a beaver meadow. Eventually you must cross the meadow at the midpoint and then angle over the bluff. There are two boggy sections along the way (one midway, and the other at the Kash side) as well as two slippery rock faces to traverse (again one midway and the other close to the end at the Kash side). The boggy areas were messy but at least had solid footing underneath. The most challenging section is a final scramble just before the exit to Kash up a 60 degree rock face for about 40 feet. It is much easier going up this face from McNiece to Kash than it would be going down in the reverse direction. It took us approx 25 minutes to make the trip across the portage taking it slow and steady making sure of our footing. It is difficult, but not impossible.
On 9/1/2019 3:33:00 PM, jeffsiv said:
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This is a very challenging portage. Going from McNeice into Kahshahpiwi, expect a grind. The trail can be difficult to discern is some areas as the brush and growth fill in from the most recent burn. Just before Kahshahpiwi, you will encounter mud... then a high rock ridge that requires both your hands and feet to climb.
On 7/16/2016 6:52:11 PM, Will said:
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Two good sized ridges to climb as well as an old burn area on portage. The easiest of the southern K-piwi portages in or out.
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