Quetico Portage 5684 (Grey)

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Approximate Length:
263m (52 rods)


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On 6/13/2020 9:34:47 PM, bioteachk said:
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This describes the portage from an Un-named lake into Grey lake located along the chain connecting Shade and Grey lakes. As described in the other write-ups, there are apparently two portage trails out of the un-named lake that lead up to an odd intersection midway along the portage. If you are not careful at the intersection and take the easier path presented you will find yourself back at the Un-named lake between Grey and Shade lakes. The intersection occurs just before a very difficult boggy crossing across an old beaver meadow. You must go across the swamp section in order to get to Grey lake. If you try to bypass the swamp by taking the other fork in the path it just leads back down to where you started. Numerous logs and debris have been placed along this 50 yard swamp to help with footing with varying degrees of success. Take your gear one piece at a time across this section. A person could get in serious trouble if they fell in while carrying a gear pack and canoe simultaneously across this mess. The group in front of us lost a shoe and never did find it. Once you get through the swamp, the rest of the rocky portage is not bad as it descends to Grey lake.
On 7/29/2019 3:06:28 PM, JoeWildlife said:
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Oops, we came in from the south and ended up making the mistake Will warns about in his review of this portage, and we ended back on the lake we started from. Then we decided to just go to Dell and take the creek passage. That was no picnic either! A wise paddler once told me, if there are multiple options on portages, it is because they all suck! haha.
On 7/16/2016 6:58:31 PM, Will said:
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Much easier in the dry summer months. I have crossed this several times through the last decade. In the wet months we stump jump and lined the canoes with the packs across. In the dry months, the mud is firm enough to walk. In between these times try to keep your feet moving and stay in the "waterbed" like grass on the sides of the path. Also be aware of the Y in the southern half of the portage. It can be confusing and put you back on the same no name lake you came from...
On 8/20/2015 6:21:31 PM, epolomsk said:
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Portage crosses a swamp midway. There are only a few slimy rotting logs to balance on while crossing the swamp If you step off you'll be in waist deep sphagnum swamp water. I know, cuz I did step off.
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