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While I have put a lot of time and effort into this site to make it the most useful that I can, I recognize that there are other great websites dedicated to paddling. I put this list here in the hopes that you will continue to use my website but also enjoy what these can offer. I visit and use all of these websites often and can attest to their quality.


Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness - Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting, preserving, and restoring the BWCA and the surrounding ecosystem. The organization has been instrumental in making sure that this beautiful area will be around for us, our children, and our grandchildren.
Friends of Sylvania - Friends of Sylvania promotes the protection and careful management of Sylvania Wilderness. They accept donations of not only money, but they also need active volunteers to help with projects. They mostly work to control invasive plants and clear trails and portages.
North Country Trail Association - This organization supports the building and maintaining of the North Country National Scenic Trail, which extends from New York to North Dakota. The Border Route and Kekekabic trails in the BWCA are part of this trail.
Quetico Foundation - The Quetico Foundation is dedicated to preserving Quetico Park and other wilderness areas. The organization plays a large role in making sure the rules, regulations, and policies of the Park protect the Quetico. It is one of the longest-lived conservation organizations - it started in 1954.
Q100 Stewardship Project - Organized in 2009 for the Quetico's 100th anniversary, the Q100 Stewardship Project is a cooperative promotional effort designed to reward and celebrate outfitters and businesses who promote the best service and environmental practices in the Quetico. You can see a list of partners and supporters on the member page.
Border Route Trail Association - The BRTA maintains the Border Route trail and other nearby trails.
Kekekabic Trail Club - The Kekekabic Trail Club maintains the Kekekabic trail and other hiking trails within the Superior National Forest.
Friends of Algonquin Park - Per their website, "The Friends of Algonquin Park (FOAP) is a non-profit Canadian registered charity for people passionate about Algonquin Park. We dedicate our resources to furthering the educational and interpretive programs to develop current and future stewards of Algonquin Provincial Park. We do this through research, the development and delivery of programs, workshops, and events, plus the production of educational materials."

Forums/Messageboards - A great resource and community of fellow paddlers. In addition to the great forums/messageboards, it has maps, campsite and portage ratings, trip reports, photos, a gear guide, lists of outfitters, and other trip planning resources.
Canadian Canoe Routes - The members have great information about canoeing Canadian lakes and rivers, not just the Quetico. I have been able to find information on this site about other canoeing locations that I haven't been able to find anywhere else. - Has information on destinations from Eastern Manitoba to Michigan. It has messageboards, trip logs, gear guides, canoe guides, and paddling guides. - Covers destinations throughout the U.S. and Canada. Has gear guides and reviews, articles, classifieds, a forum, destination guides, and more. - Accessing the forums/messageboards requires a small donation ($6.50 at the time of this posting). The messageboards are high quality. QuietJourney also has a first-class portage database where members have contributed their knowledge of the portages in the BWCA and Quetico.
Seagull Outfitters Message Board - This is a great resource from Seagull Outfitters. The moderators and participants have a lot of knowledge of the area - after all, they live and work there!
Algonquin Adventures - An information sharing resource for Algonquin Park do-it-yourself campers, canoeists, hikers, and naturalists.


Midwest Mountaineering - You can buy all sorts of gear at their Minneapolis location, including gear for camping, canoeing, kayaking, climbing, and other outdoor sports. In addition, they host the Outdoor Adventure Expo every spring and fall. If you've never been to the expo, I would highly encourage you to since it is a lot of fun.


Minnesota Department of Natural Resources - You can buy MN fishing and hunting licenses, look up regulations, and find information on lakes. Great information on lakes can be obtained from the lake finder.
Michigan Department of Natural Resources - You can buy MI fishing and hunting licenses, look up regulations, and find information on lakes. Great information on lakes can be obtained from the MiSWIM System.
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources - Contains a lot of information about enjoying Ontario's natural resources. Information on specific lakes can be found in the Fish ON-Line tool.

Hiking/Backpacking - This is a website dedicated to the backpacking and hiking community. There are gear reviews, trail reviews, a forum, and articles.

Information & News ® - Explore Minnesota Tourism travel information website
Superior National Forest - This is the US Forest Service's official site for the Superior National Forest, which the BWCA is a part of. News, updates, and information are posted on the website. The Boundary Waters page contains information specific to the BWCA, including trip planning guides, lists of outfitters, rules and regulations, educational resources, and more. Make sure you check this site before your trip.
Ontario Parks - Has information about all of the Ontario provincial parks. The Quetico page has information specific to the Quetico.
Swanson Party BWCA Page - This is one of my favorite sites to find information. The part I use most is the list of lakes, rivers, and streams. The site has detailed information on many of these. It also has lists of flora and fauna and primitive management areas. It appears the site has not been updated in a few years, but I find that it is still useful and relevant.


Boundary Waters Journal - The premier magazine about canoeing in the BWCA and Quetico! It has trip reports, advice, gear reviews, campsite evaluations, and much more. I look forward to every issue.
Canoe & Kayak - This magazine has more of a global perspective on canoeing and kayaking. For example, it can have an article about a person's kayaking adventures in Africa.
Family Camping & Canoeroots - A great magazine brought to you by the Rapid Media family. Each issue has practical guidance related to camping with the family and canoeing in general. The articles are very interesting and helpful. Along with this one, Rapid Media has other magazines devoted to paddling sports such as Adventure Kayak and Kayak Angler.

Online Maps

Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness Google Earth Downloads - The Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness partnered with the University of St. Thomas Geographic Information Systems department to put together these files that can be viewed in Google Earth. Online Maps - In addition to its messageboards, has a couple of online maps that you can view. Members of the site contribute by submitting campsite and portage ratings, photos, fishing spots, and points of interest.
Jeff's Map - You can view an online version of Jeff's Maps for Algonquin, Temagami, and Killarney. You can also download KMZ versions to use in Google Earth.
Friends of Algonquin Park Planning Map - An online version of a planning map that you can also purchase from the Friends of Algonquin Park store.
Jeff's Map hosted by Algonquin Outfitters - Algonquin Outfitters hosts a version of Jeff's Map on their website.

Reservations - is the official website to make reservations for the BWCA and Sylvania. In the BWCA you reserve an entry point permit. In Sylvania you reserve a campsite. You need to sign up or login to be able to make a reservation.
Ontario Parks Online Reservations - Ontario recently implemented an online service to reserve Quetico permits. (Previously this could only be done by phone.)
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