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On 4/21/2017 9:00:18 AM, said:
thanks for your report, heading to that s pot in a few weeks. Was worrying about the muddy landing at Smoke, good to hear there are planks. I think I will bring my rubber boots on this trip!
On 7/2/2017 11:46:55 PM, CRZander said:
Very nice write up of your trip. This is just about the same trip that I am planning for August. Some of the guys at work suggested Sawbill and then Smoke and Burnt. This also will be my first solo trip in my Wenonah Wee Lassie. I have a Cooke Custom lean 1 and also a 8x10 tarp. I just bought my lean 1 so have not used it yesterday. For the past 15 years I have used a REI half dome and it has served me well in conditions like you had! This is my first time using the Lean 1. Anyway, thank you for your write up. It was very helpful and encouraging! Chuck
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