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Crooked Lake Loop

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Dates:June 19-27, 2014
Entry Point:22 - Mudro Lake - Restricted (BWCA)
Lakes:Basswood River, Bullet, Chippewa, Crooked, Crooked, Fourtown, Gun, Horse, Moosecamp, Mudro, Niki, Papoose, Sandpit, Tin Can Mike, Wagosh

A vidoe of the trip is here

This would be a 9 day trip for me and my 2 teenage sons Sam and Ryan. The route would be a loop beginning at Mudro to Lower Basswood Falls, through Crooked Lake to Curtain Falls, out Friday Bay to Moose Camp to Mudro. We would meet up with my 2 brothers at Curtain Falls and camp and fish with them for 3 days before going our separate ways. A video of the trip is included.

There are many reports out there on this area so instead of going day by day I thought I would just give my impressions of the area.

Lower Basswood Falls is beautiful. Take some time and soak it in. Check out the cabin in the area. We camped close to here and saw the few groups that did pass by go quickly.

Pictos are cool, take a look.

Table Rock is a nice place to stop and imagine what it was like when a resort was there. The boys did a John Gillespie Waters and Woods dance on it.

Big Current is interesting. Where Crooked Lake narrows there is a lot of current and even a little bit of rapids.

Curtain Falls is another great set of falls.

We were all alone in Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday Bays.

The fishing is good.

The mile portage south of Friday Bay is not bad but the first 20 feet out of Fourtown is a bear.

Logging artifacts were in the open at the Moosecamp site.

Enjoy the sunsets.

It was worth it to us to bring a deck of cards, a cribbage board, and a kendama.

We had fun using colorful shirts as prizes for big walleye and smallmouth of the day.

When buying supplies online and you need a little extra to qualify for free shipping, freeze dried ice cream sandwiches are a good choice.

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