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Western LaCroix and Lakes South

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Dates:June 21-29, 2016
Entry Point:14 - Little Indian Sioux River North (BWCA)
Lakes:Eugene, Fat, Gun, Lac La Croix, Little Loon, Loon, Lower Pauness, North, Slim, Takucmich, Tesoker, Upper Pauness

Here is the slide show of the trip

June 20,2016 Drive from Iowa to Crane Lake, Minnesota. Meet up with other trip members and get permits from Anderson Outfitters. We have a group beginning of 9 but because of work and school commitments 4 will be getting a tow out of LaCroix after 4 nights. 5 of us will be staying and paddling out on June 29th. Because of this we get 2 separate permits for LIS North. While at Crane lake we hike the trail to the Vermillion River Gorge(Recommend) and stay the night at the Pine Ridge Motel. Beth at the Pine Ridge Motel gave us a coupon for 10% off dinner at the Trails End Resort on Echo Lake. The food and service was very good and recommend it.

June 21, 2016 Up early and we get a quick start at LIS North Entry 14. Everything goes well but by the time we hit Loon Lake the wind picks up. It is a battle but we are able to manage it. We make it to Beatty Portage by 1 pm and our plan is to stop at Snow bay on LaCroix for a few nights. The wind is blowing at about 25mph directly into the portage and with big Lac La Croix the waves are really big. We reluctantly decide to go back to Loon for a site for the night.

June 22, 2016 -June 29, 2016 We are able to get on beautiful LaCroix and paddle, fish, explore its many bays and lakes to the south. On June 25, 4 members of our group meet a shuttle boat from Andersons to take them back to Crane Lake. 5 of us remain and we take our time exploring and getting back to Entry 14 LIS North on June 29. A video slide show of the trip can be found here

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