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Old Guys in BWCA

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Dates:September 10-14, 2017
Entry Point:23 - Mudro Lake (BWCA)
Lakes:Boot, Fairy, Fourtown, Gun

Thanks for the great trip for the Voyager North team in Ely. We arrived just before closing and your team did a great job helping us get our paperwork done so we could head to the bunkhouse and be ready to go the next morning. Wanting to get an early start, we headed to the Britton's Cafe for an early breakfast. Although the website said 5 am open, it was not open until 6 and there was quite a line at 5:45 when we arrived and stood outside. The service was quick and we got back to Vnorth in time for our 7 am depart to Mudro.
Ben loaded us up and our gear for "complete fishing package" was ready and waiting.
We are three 60 year old guys of average fitness and and a 50 year old woman (very fit...thank God)were trying to get to Thunder or Bear Trap lake. The 140 rod portage to Fourtown did us in.... We got through Fourtown and Boot and decided we had had enough for the day. Fairy Lake campsites were full as it was about 2:30 when we got there. We went on to Gun and found a site just east of the portage. It was back in the woods alittle so we moved to a better site the next day and staying on gun for 3 nights. Fishing was slow but views and weather were fantastic. The guys believe there is not a fish in Gun lake.....If there is, we did not find them.
food and gear supplied was fantasic.
Decided to come halfway out and camp on Fourtown on day 4. Found some fish there and had a nice fish fry.
We were glad we did it and glad to see Ben and the van with cold beverages when we were done. Weather is mid-Sept was amaziing. No rain and high in the 70's.
Thanks for the great trip.
Tips for newbies
1) Pack what you need... then remove half of what you packed and you will be about right.
2) You will get wet up to the thighs getting over beaver dams and in and out at portages. Shoes that will drain and dry are better than water proof boots that fill with water.
3) If you are "older", make sure you are decent fitness. I ride my bike 50 miles a week, but not the strongest upper body. This trip was on the edge of my capabilities with the portages being particularly tough when they were over 70 rods or so. Howoever there were a lot of 25 to 30 year old dudes that did not seem to be having any problems
4) When you are within a day of the exits, get campsite picked early... Many people looking for a place in the afternoons even in mid-Sept.
We had a great time. Thanks to the Vnorth team.

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