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Woodland Caribou 2016 - Onnie Loop

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Dates:July 1-16, 2016
Entry Point:12 - Hjalmar Lake (Woodland Caribou)
Lakes:Amber, Beck's, Cyclops, Douglas, Embryo, Glenn, Gulch, Hansen, Hatchet, Haven, Jigsaw, Mexican Hat, Nutria, Onnie, Optic, Rostoul, Streak, Telescope, Unnamed, Unnamed, Unnamed, Unnamed, Unnamed, Upper Hatchet, Wrist

This is a trip report from a 16 day father / son wilderness canoe trip into the heart of Woodland Caribou Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada from July 1-16, 2016. We traveled around140kmin two loops from Onnie Lake through Glenn, Haven and Mexican Hat and then Telescope, Hatchet, Douglas and back to Onnie Lake. For the first 12 days we were just with the two of us. The last 4 days we joined up with a group of friends to finish our adventure in good company.

Rather than redo my original report which took a LOT of time to put together, here's a link to it on my website.

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