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Barrel Run to the Border

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Dates:July 26-26, 2018
Entry Point:23 - Mudro Lake (BWCA)
Lakes:Basswood River, Crooked, Horse, Mudro, Sandpit, Tin Can Mike

This was just a quick day trip for 3 guides on our day off. We were moving quick because we had no cargo to portage except for a kevlar canoe. We made good time into Tin Can Mike where we passed a girl scout group heading in for their first day. They were horribly overpacked and had nothing but aluminum canoes. All of the packs were too heavy for the girls so the leaders were taking 3 trips a piece. We offered to help, but they declined, so off we went. We made it to our destination on Crooked after a slow trip through the Horse River. On our way back through the Horse we passed the same girl scout troop again. This time it was mid-afternoon and they were only half way through the river. Bad news was that all the sites around Basswood Falls were full. I don't know what became of them, but they were not in for a good evening I am sure. Fun little day trip for us though.

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