Paddle - BWCA, Quetico, Sylvania, and other paddling places

May 2018

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Dates:May 26, 2018 - June 2, 2018
Entry Point:37 - Kawishiwi Lake (BWCA)
Lakes:Adams, Alice, Beaver, Boulder, Cacabic, Cap, Fraser, Kawasachong, Kawishiwi, Koma, Malberg, Polly, River, Roe, Sagus, Shepo, Square, Thomas, Townline, Trapline

Day 1.

Entry point 37 to Koma Lake. Stayed at campsite 1063 overnight. Sunny and warm.

Day 2.

Koma Lake to Alice Lake. Stayed at campsite 1163. Sunny and warm.

Day 3.

Camp day at campsite 1163. Sunny and warm.

Day 4.

Alice Lake to Sagus Lake. Stayed at campsite 1911. The day started sunny and warm, but a large wind storm rolled through around 7 or 8. 50 mph winds, no rain til after the front passed. Had to hold tarp down to keep it from flying away.

Day 5.

Sagus Lake to Adams Lake. Stayed at campsite 2015. Light rain all day. Spent the day damp.

Day 6.

Camp day at campsite 2015. On and off rain, no sun.

Day 7.

Adams Lake to Lake Polly. Stayed at campsite 1075. Less rain than the day before, fairly chilly toward the end of the day.

Day 8.

Lake Polly to Entry Point 37. Strong wind comming from the south all day. Hard paddling on open water. Kawishiwi was especially rough. Only point on the trip where I felt the canoe would tip was while heading into brutal headwind after leaving bay right after north entrance to Kawishiwi Lake, and before reaching first island in the lake.

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