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Staff Training Trip 2019

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Dates:June 1-7, 2019
Entry Point:25 - Moose Lake (BWCA)

Day 1 - Moose to Knife

For our guiding training trip we took roughly the same route as 2018, but better weather allowed us more miles. Day one was pretty simple. We made it a good way down Knife before finding a site to stop for the night. Site was okay, though there were not really any mature trees and the surrounding area was brushy.

Day 2 - Knife to Fraser

Day 2 we visited Eddy falls and spent some good time there. We worked our way down Kek ponds and into the ever beautiful Kekakabic lake. We stopped at the pheominal cliff site on Wasini for lunch. Sadly, someone had vandalated the site and had moved the fire grate and there was broken glass everywhere. We moved the grate back to its intended location and packed up all the glass to bring with us. Some people... From there, we headed south and picked up a site on Fraser. It was a pretty nice site with plenty of firewood and nice tent pads.

Day 3 - Fraser to Insula

We got up the next morning and worked our way into Thomas and down Kiana into Insula. We took the very last campsite before the burn area: a nice island campsite with plenty of room to spread out. Two of us went for a mini adventure after settling in to reach Hope Lake. Hope Lake is in the PMA now and Pagami erased most traces of the old portages. We worked hard, but made it to and from Hope Lake in pretty good time.

Day 4 - Insula to Two

We kept working our way West from Insula and crossed the scenic portage into Hudson followed by the couple rapid sets on the way to Lake Four. This area is one of the areas hardest hit by Pagami which is always such a dramatic shift in scenery. We stayed on one of the unburned sites on Lake 2. Both sites on our island were open. We stayed at the site I would have called the worse of the two, but it was a group decision. The site we stayed at had a nice large rock face and plenty of room for our two tents. Nice location through and through.

Portgaing to Hope

Day 5 - Two to Ojibway

We were up early the next morning and worked our way out the numbers to Confusion and then West on Kawishiwi. From there, we took the 190 into Triangle and the Roller portage into Ojibway. We took one of the island sites and portaged over to some fishing on Tofte while we were here. All in all, it was a great trip. Weather was amazing except a brief storm on Lake 2. Couldn't have asked for much more.

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