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Woodland Caribou 2018 - Adventure Lake

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This is a trip report from a 10 day, two part trip into Woodland Caribou Provincial Park in 2018. The first part was a 5 day trip where we flew into Adventure Lake before paddling back through Haven, Jigsaw, Wrist, Mexican Hat, Glenn, Optic, Telescope and Onnie. The rest of my group was picked up by the outfitter at the Onnie Lake entry along the road while I went back into the park for a 5 day solo adventure. You can read the detailed report on my website at

My 5 day trip took me from Onnie to Doulgas, Hatchet, Peterson, Page, Bell and Crystal before I turned back and finished with a loop through Upper Hatchet, Embryo and back through Telescope and Onnie to my parked truck which the outfitter drove in for me. On hindsight I should have done the Johnson Lake exit (much closer to the main road) but c'est la vie. You can read a detailed report on this part of the trip at

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