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Cross Quetico in 1991

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Dates:August 5-16, 1991
Entry Point:21 - Batchewaung Lake (Quetico)

In 1991 Our family of 4 took a canoe trip in Quetico Provincial Park. We consisted of my wife and I and out two kids 15 & 12.
We were outfitted by Don Belund's Outfitters on Moose Lake.
We were driven to Nyme Lake on the north of Quetico and paddled through to Prairie Portage in 14 days. Here are some of the pictures from that trip.

Part of the story is that it was before kevlar canoes and I was the only one in the party that was capable of carrying a 65 Lbs. aluminum canoe. This ment that on every portage I carried 2 canoes & packs.......youth is a wonderful thing.

These last three pictures show the Falls on the Poets Chain, Chatterton, and Slitrock Falls

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Here are my wife and daughter on Russell Lake.

And I believe this is Chatterton Falls.

And here is my 12 year old son Thomas, portaging his first canoe into Keats Lake.

And here we are on Cairn Lake

More Cairn Lake

On our way to Kahshahpiwi.

And a day trip to Trant with the long portage there and back.

All in all it was a wonderful trip. The only downside was that it was during a Fire Ban and the outfitter forgot to send any gas for the we had some problems until some good people on a portage gave us thier extra gas & can.

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