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Fall Lake, Winter Adventure 2023

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Dates:January 13-17, 2023
Entry Point:24 - Fall Lake (BWCA)

We entered Fall Lake at entry point 24. Teams of dogsled trainers frequent the area. We followed the dogsled trails onto the lake before veering off to find a locale for our campsite while hauling our pulks in tow. Once off the dogsled trail, we encountered lake conditions that varied from powder over hard ice to powder over deep slush up to 8 or more inches thick, despite traveling with long snow shoes. The conditions make for very slow progress.

The adventure centered on our site. We took day trips to a nearby falls (actually a rapids on a nearby river) on a 0.75-mile trek. We encountered beautiful sunrises and sunsets on several days, driving snow and overcast conditions on others. Our hot tent provided great shelter and an adequate cooking surface for our pre-prepared meals. We are avid photographers. The scenery provided ample opportunities for great shots.

The locale is close enough to Ely that we heard truck traffic, snowmobiles, and other town sounds, which is a detractor from the solitude we seek on these trips. The distant sled dogs' yelps, on the other hand, were welcome winter music.

We'll look for more remote locales in the future. We may explore skis vs. snowshoes next time.

Overall, great trip, great company, great food, and great to be in great North of MN in the winter.

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