Paddle - BWCA, Quetico, Sylvania, and other paddling places


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Dates:May 11-21, 2022
Entry Point:62 - Clearwater Lake (BWCA)

So excited about going back to Caribou Lake, this time just one canoe and paddle partner Don... Long story short, it didn't go well. We sat around for a few days hoping the wind would take out the ice but no go. So we ended up heading back to Tofte in hope of Toohey, Wilson, or even Four Mile Lakes were open... Nope! Ended up site seeing for a few more days till the roads even opened back there. Lots of raging water to check out, never seen the river system up there so high and powerful, very scary to watch huge trees come racing by us in the water and just disapire under the raging current. By Monday we got back to find Wilson opened up, and lthe same for the other two lakes we were going to try to fish. Had a good time showing Don around to lots of places he had not seen or done before up there, including the MN/Canadian Border and a few hikes... No fish, but we had lots a nice fires and big meals to boot. Maybe next season, I really want to get back to Caribou!

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