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Dates:August 27-30, 2004
Entry Point:54 - Seagull Lake (BWCA)

My buddy Scott invited me to go up to Sea Gull Lake to paddle his kayaks around for the weekend, I had never sat in one before plus two years earlier had surgery on my left elbow for some nerve essues so I wasn't sure how I'd do but I wanted to give it a try. We had paddled this lake before in the 90's on our way to Alpine so I couldn't wait to just bum around and take in the sites on the water... We brought our rods & tackle also. It was a nice calm day and I made it as far as Miles Island before I thought we should start back. We stopped on the island and hiked up to take some pictures and have a break from paddleing. All & All it was a great time, no fish were biting but it gave me an idea how my arm would do paddling again, It was a good test. Saw a couple moose, one over to Four Lake on the way up the trail and later on closer to Trails End standing on the side of the road, not seen a lot of those cridders since that trip.

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