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American Point to Rabbit Lake; Day trip to fish Nawakwa; Day trip to Eddy Falls

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Dates:July 26-30, 2013
Entry Point:55 - Saganaga Lake (BWCA)
Lakes:Ashdick, Ester, Fish, Gift, Hanson, Knife, Link, Ottertrack, Rabbit, Saganaga, Swamp

Friday, July 26, 2013 we took a tow to American Point...saved us hours of canoeing in the cold rain. From there we hugged the US side of the boarder and worked our way along Saganaga Lake, Swamp Lake, Ottertrack, Ester Lake, and into a beautiful dead-end Rabbit Lake.

Saturday, July 27, 2013 was just and cold and rain as Friday, so we hung out around camp. Out of boredom, we attempted to hike up to a small pond to the north, but got tricked by a wall of cattails, so we turned around without finding good access to fish the open water--maybe next time.

Sunday, July 28, 2013 we rigged up to fish for lake trout in Rabbit. We had a good depth finder and a couple ideas for how to catch lakers. We worked just out in front of the rock wall along the deepest section and got lucky with our spoons. It wasn't long before we had caught three good fish. It was still before lunch so we ate and packed for a short outing to try and fish Nawakwa, which is deep inside the Pitfall Lake PMA. We never made it through the tangle of downed trees a the portage into Nawakwa, but we did enjoy picking blueberries in the PMA area that had been burned by the Cavity Lake Fire.

Monday, July 29, 2013 was the nicest day of the trip and was perfect for the long round trip to Eddy Falls. We packed lunch and headed across Rabbit and down to Ester Lake into Hanson Lake. From there we portaged into South Arm Knife Lake and paddled another 2.5 miles to the Eddy Falls portage. As nice as it was, the falls were not packed with too many visitors, but we chatted up the leads from a youth group, that was having a great trip with many first timers. After eating lunch we hustled back to camp to cook up dinner and prep for a fast exit.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013 After finishing our traditional French toast bagel and syrup breakfast, we said goodbye to camp and made off to Ester and then chose to sneak through Ashdick just to see one more lake. What a mistake, the 163 rod portage on the north end, was a swampy and buggy mess--never again. The rest of the paddle was uneventful and we made our pickup at American Point with time to spare.

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