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Otter Lake RapidsAbout the Project

The goal of this wiki is to accumulate in one place anything and everything about the Boundary Waters and Quetico. This includes information about the lakes, geology, history, trip planning, and wildlife. This is a community project. If you are interested in contributing by submitting pages or editing content, make sure you are registered and signed in. You can then start creating and editing pages in the wiki.

Getting Started

There are many different categories to explore. A good place to start would be the BWCA and Quetico Overview. You can use the Index link on the top of the page to find the information you are looking for. You can also search the wiki by using the search box on the upper right part of the page.


This project will not get very far without the help of many people like you. To create and edit pages, register and/or sign in.

To create a new wiki page, use the New Topic link above. You should also see an Edit link on each page. Feel free to create new pages or edit others to update or add information. If adding a page, first make sure that it hasn't already been created.

A visual, "what-you-see-is-what-you-get" editor is used to make changes to the pages. Use the buttons and tools provided. Upload pictures using the appropriate tools. Link to other relevant pages on this site or other websites.

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