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J stroke
Last updated by justincarl on 3/16/2020 9:08:07 PM

The J-stroke is a paddling technique used in the stern of a canoe to create forward propulsion while maintaining a straight path.  The stroke starts out like a normal stroke, but finishes with the paddle blade being rotated 90 degrees then pushed outward.  This creates a force which counters the directional change caused by the beginning of the stroke.  It’s not really useless, but it’s almost always better to just paddle on the other side for a few strokes.  Go ahead and nag me for paddling on the same side as my bowman, but it’s never caused me any problems because I’m not an idiot.  Every video you ever see of people paddling on the same side is exaggerated.  It’s obvious the paddlers are trying to rock the canoe.

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