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Red Pine
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Red Pine
Pinus resinosa


The state tree of Minnesota: the Red Pine (otherwise known as the Norway Pine.) It can be found throughout the BWCA either growing in a moniculture with other Red Pine or mixed with Pine, Fir, and Spruce. They are easily distinguished by their large, plate like, red bark on older trees. It prefers upland sites without too much moisture. It can reach great sizes if allowed to grow into late maturity. It does not grow as large or as tall as White Pine, but still can reach some incredible sizes. It is a late sucessional species much like White Pine and is vulnerable to large crown fires the same as any tree. It can survive small, ground fires a really great example of this is the portage from Crab to Clark.) The largest Red Pine I have seen in the BWCA exist along the Silver Falls portage, though mature examples of the species can be found throughout the BWCA.

For more information, check out the USDA profile of the species here.


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