Cache Lake in Algonquin

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Acres: 726.2
State/Province: ON
Acres are calculated and may not represent official values. The calculation only takes into account the area contained within the given state or province.
TitleAuthorEntry PointDateLast UpdatedComments
CampsiteStatusAvg RatingGood Tent PadsMax Tent PadsHas Photos
PortageLakesLength (m)Has PhotosHas CommentsHas My Comments
30014Cache, Hilliard721NoNoNo
30262Cache, Head1610NoNoNo
30403Cache, Canisbay718NoNoNo
30463Cache, Madawaska River518NoNoNo
Brook Trout
Common Shiner
Creek Chub
Lake Trout
Largemouth Bass
Longnose Sucker
Pearl Dace
Shorthead Redhorse
Smallmouth Bass
Tullibee (Cisco)
White Sucker
Yellow Perch
Bluntnose Minnow
Brook Stickleback
Lake Chub
Northern Redbelly Dace
Fish survey information was obtained from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources fish species atlases and/or from Land Information Ontario, produced by Paddle Planner, LLC under licence from Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Copyright © Queens Printer 2013-2015.

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