BWCA Portage 313

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Approximate Length:
189m (38 rods)


Climb/Descent Meters:

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On 10/1/2020 9:49:30 PM, eagle98mn said:
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Heading toward Alpine this was a very easy portage with nice scenery along the way. I really enjoyed traveling through this forest that has been recovering for 14 years.
On 6/15/2020 10:32:52 AM, BobberRob said:
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As stated a few times, this portage provides some nice views of the falls and is very approachable. Initial climb out of Jasper, but nothing extreme. 2/5
On 3/10/2018 8:37:27 PM, Riley Smith said:
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This was a pretty little portage. I was bringing a pretty green crew with me. Neither of the two guys I brought along had been on a BWCA canoe trip before, so this was a testing moment. After a decent paddle across Seagull and the jump across Alpine, we hit this portage. There's not a lot of staging ground on the Alpine side, and the Jasper side was quite flooded when we were there in Spring. Stop and admire the falls if you have time and can survive the flies/mosquitoes.
On 7/5/2015 6:45:39 PM, Joe Scott said:
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This could be one of my favorite portages. The waterfalls were roaring. The trail had some difficult spots but nothing too hard.
On 7/3/2015 3:46:00 PM, TuscaroraBorealis said:
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Overall a pretty decent portage. Only initial climb out of Alpine is a bit steep. Very scenic rapids along the trail.
On 6/8/2015 8:47:26 AM, pgsimon said:
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This portage was quite busy, a lot of people heading to, or coming from, Seagull Lake. There is room to take a break on the Jasper Lake high end. Things can be tight on the Alpine Lake end if more than 2 canoes start piling up. From Jasper lake, make sure to stick to the east side as you approach the portage. Immediately past the landing, the water rushed down the vigorous falls down to Alpine Lake, and you don't want to get sucked down into that! We had to hang out in some reeds on the east side, while we waited for groups to clear out of the landing.
On 1/28/2015 9:50:41 PM, Jeffrey said:
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Short but rugged, the best part is it runs along the Jasper Falls and is loaded with blueberries in season.
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Alpine-Jasper by Gavia
Portage by 4everpaddle
Portage by 4everpaddle
Portage Alpine to Jasper
Portage Alpine to Jasper by GGrant
Alpine to Jasper portage
Alpine to Jasper portage by GGrant
Jasper Falls
Jasper Falls by TuscaroraBorealis
jasper alpine portage
jasper alpine portage by Joe Scott
Jasper Lake to Alpine Lake
Jasper Lake to Alpine Lake by Gavia
Jasper Lake to Alpine Lake (falls)
Jasper Lake to Alpine Lake (falls) by Gavia
Jasper Lake to Alpine Lake (trail maintenance)
Jasper Lake to Alpine Lake (trail maintenance) by Gavia
IMG_9801.JPG by Mike Monahan
FsmallRWS_9618.jpg by Riley Smith
Portage from Alpine to Jasper
Portage from Alpine to Jasper by 01richwood
Jasper Falls
Jasper Falls by 01richwood
Jasper falls 2
Jasper falls 2 by 01richwood
IMG_0328.JPG by Jeffrey