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BWCA Portage 481 (Ima to Hatchet)

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Approximate Length:
143m (28 rods)


Climb/Descent Meters:

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On 1/10/2024 1:23:29 AM, ElkNinja said:
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Plenty of people pass thru and the Ima side is very small. Patience is key. Pretty rock wall and a beautiful forest.
On 9/25/2023 8:24:36 PM, windflower said:
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On the Ima side this portage landing is fairly well disguised. It is located in a little notch. You will have to cruise close to shore to find exact location. The Ima side has little room for more than 1 canoe at a time. And landing requires use of the rocks on the left side to unload. Other than that the portage is not too complicated.
On 6/20/2023 5:04:47 PM, Philip Leflar said:
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Passed the landing on the Ima side right by and had to backtrack a little. Definitely not easily spotted from a distance. It is tight on Ima, one boat at a time and would be difficult with larger boats to get everyone out cleanly. Expect to get wet and then go straight up a rocky, but beautiful, path. Much easier on the Hatchet side.
On 5/23/2023 11:09:46 AM, Riley Smith said:
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A little hill, a few rocks, and yes, there is a good amount of traffic through here. We were moving fast to try to get a nice site on Ima. The western landing is a tricky one with a drop off
On 6/2/2019 8:03:05 PM, TuscaroraBorealis said:
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The Ima landing is literally a 'hole in the wall'! But still, it's a reasonably decent, though tight, landing. The trail is not overly difficult yet is still a decent climb over a boulder strewn path.
On 1/3/2019 4:42:25 PM, flynn said:
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Wasn't exactly sure if the landing was the right spot or not, coming off of Hatchet, and found that the Ima side landing sucked. Some slippery rocks, not a lot of good footing, and it's small with only enough room for a single canoe. I liked this portage a lot though, it was quite a beautiful walk with varied terrain and foliage.
On 7/22/2018 9:36:43 PM, Egapillar said:
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I traversed this on a cold, windy day in 1992. the portage was uneventful, but getting off the shore on IdA in a solo canoe with whitecaps coming in was quite the trick.
On 7/30/2017 7:20:29 PM, pdt83 said:
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Entry from Ima side was small and difficult to spot on a windy day. Short uphill on some slippery stones as you leave the water. The remainder is unremarkable.
On 3/21/2016 1:08:01 AM, Woodstripper said:
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Traversed this one several times over the years. Unremarkable, except that the Ima side is very narrow and is difficult to spot from the lake. Can be very congested during peak season.
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Ima L. end of Ima-Hatchet portage
Ima L. end of Ima-Hatchet portage by Gavia
Hatchet - Ima
Hatchet - Ima by Gavia
Ima - Hatchet
Ima - Hatchet by Gavia
Portage by smccoid
Snowbank_08_040.jpg by Ken Orwoll
Ima ~ Hatchet portage
Ima ~ Hatchet portage by TuscaroraBorealis
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