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BWCA Portage 571 (Skoop)

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Approximate Length:
910m (181 rods)


Climb/Descent Meters:

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On 6/7/2021 9:30:50 AM, BobberRob said:
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I really liked this portage. The landing on the north side feels really secluded. Trail was in good shape when we went through. 4/10
On 3/12/2020 9:00:17 AM, MnJohn said:
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Portage was in good shape when we came thru. Pretty standard/average portage for the BWCAW. Ups and downs, but no huge issues. If double portaging, may want to consider doing 1/2 with each load and going back to get the second load. It would break it up nicely.
On 5/17/2017 3:47:05 PM, Northwoodsman said:
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The trail wasn't in bad condition. A few deep mud holes to watch out for. It is long and hilly like a roller coaster. It will wear you out. It will likely be your first or last portage of the day. The Cherokee landing is nice. The Skoop landing is large but has a lot of big rocks.
On 10/11/2016 9:25:48 AM, PaddleDan61 said:
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Portage is difficult with lots of ups and downs. Also windy at times. To make it a little easier we dropped our gear halfway and went back for the rest. Both landings are fine. There is a large beaver dam halfway through Cherokee Creek. If going towards Cherokee Lake I would recommend pulling your canoe over the dam on the right side. The other side has knee high mud.
On 11/5/2015 3:57:27 PM, Kim Cropsey said:
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Not too bad but possibly muddy in some areas. We were lucky to hit it when drier. Also, the river after the portage was blocked by a fallen tree. If heading towards Cherokee Lake one person at a time can pass over on the left-hand side but careful of the muck...
On 10/13/2014 9:58:02 AM, jeemon said:
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Moderately difficult. Steep descents and windy at times. Muddy at points with some support from USFS-placed rocks and boards. Will be tired following.
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