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BWCA Portage 643 (Eskwagama to Kawishiwi River)

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Approximate Length:
392m (78 rods)


Climb/Descent Meters:

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On 5/7/2023 12:00:57 PM, Riley Smith said:
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Something like a 25 rod portage for us to the beaver dam and then we were able to paddle. A little bit of a steep start on the river end.
On 8/11/2021 12:28:06 AM, eagle98mn said:
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We decided to exit Clear Lake to South Kawishiwi by way of Eskwagama after experiencing a ton of mud on the eastern portage out of Clear. Our hope was this route would be better. It was most definitely worse. The 78 rods marked here on PP are similar to my McKenzie map at 85 rods. However, this portage is now split into two sections. The northern section is a mess. It is basically just a trampled path through high grass, enough to make me wonder if I was on a moose trail. The path had diverging options in the bog. After exploring both routes, it was clear the direct route is the accurate route, though this required squishing and wading through grass, mud, water, and muck that was occasionally shin deep. I half-expected to sink knee deep at any moment. Fortunately, the direct line led to a small hill and a landing. We piled everything in the canoe and I commented it didn't feel like 85 rods even though it was very difficult. Sure enough, 2 minutes later we approached a clearly defined portage landing with another 20-30 rods. At least this time the trail was clear and dry. That said, the first section was easily one of the worst portages I have seen, being nothing more than a glorified foot-trail through a boggy marsh. Oh and I did it with kids, so that added to the fun. :) I will avoid this portage in the future.
On 10/22/2016 11:57:44 AM, TuscaroraBorealis said:
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We came at this one from the north and unwittingly slogged through some knee deep water. Looking back, we could've paddled the creek all the way to the enormous beaver dam located near the mid point before starting the portage. From there the trail is a bit rocky as it drops down to the river. Decent landing at river end. FYI there is a 4* campsite on Eskwagama - located about 4 o'clock on lake.
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walking through water
walking through water by TuscaroraBorealis
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