BWCA Portage 791 (Fente to Hub)

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Approximate Length:
1427m (284 rods)


Climb/Descent Meters:

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On 3/6/2020 2:47:06 PM, mmarksnp said:
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South from Fente to Hub this is kind of a monster. The first 80 rods or so it a major up hill. This is not a heavily traveled trail so expect some down timber obstacles as well as trail overgrowth obscuring your path. This was our 15th portage of the day having done the Frost River with at least that many beaver dams so we may remember it as particularly hard. But the first 100 rods is severely up hill, the next 100 rods is still up hill but more modest, but then levels out and you just keep trucking for the last 100. Hub is remote and beautiful.
On 8/10/2018 11:27:24 PM, Waukesha said:
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Long portage, not particularly pleasant. There were half a dozen or more trees fallen across the path, with three that were non-trivial to get past fully laden. Passed through earlier, on 6/1/2017, and had been the same.
On 2/19/2018 7:39:45 PM, Adrie said:
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I've been on this portage several times, and while I've done longer portages and technically much harder portages, this is the one I resent the most. Particularly heading from Fente south to Hub. It begins with about 200 yards of hill climb and is up and down thereafter. Easy trail to follow, no big obstacles after the initial climb. Just put your head down and keep truckin'.
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Another Tree Down
Another Tree Down by Waukesha
Duck, Really Low
Duck, Really Low by Waukesha
Not a Convenient Height
Not a Convenient Height by Waukesha
View to Fente Lake from Portage 791
View to Fente Lake from Portage 791 by Waukesha