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BWCA Portage 827 (Clearwater to Caribou)

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Approximate Length:
1034m (206 rods)


Climb/Descent Meters:

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On 1/29/2024 4:01:16 PM, halvorson.christopher said:
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Nice easy walk., sure there is some mud here and there. But its easy.
On 3/28/2023 2:56:29 PM, Riley Smith said:
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The portage intersects the old road grade. If you don't keep to the south fork, you'll keep following it right into the campsites.
On 2/28/2021 12:33:46 PM, thenavigator said:
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Was not my favorite portage. It was a hot and muggy day when we took it and I think that impacted our experience a lot though. There is a hiking route that crosses paths with this portage, and we kept getting confused about which route to take. Found it to be pretty hilly towards the caribou side with rocks and fallen trees, some overgrown areas with a lot of bugs but thats to be expected. We did have to double back. Overall, not my favorite but I think the weather and confusion is what got us the worst.
On 8/3/2019 9:46:08 AM, sagejon said:
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Took this portage from Caribou to Clearwater. As others have stated DO NOT take the first right or you will be sad! First ~100 rods are uphill, though not too steep. The second ~100 rods are fairly level but very muddy. Watch your footing!
On 5/14/2018 3:53:41 PM, Wally said:
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This can be a muddy one, and the landings at either end are a bit rocky but a good chunk of it is nice open, flat trail. The last 1/3 of the portage as you approach Caribou is all downhill and can be a bit rocky. As you go from Clearwater to Caribou, make sure to stay left at the first Y, but stay right at the second Y. The second Y is pretty well marked with birch logs blocking the wrong trail.
On 10/26/2016 11:46:28 AM, eagle98mn said:
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Going from Caribou to Clearwater, we made the right at the first T intersection, thinking we were at the T on this map. NO! We ended up behind the campsites on the north shore of Caribou, which was pretty depressing since I was marveling at how easy that stretch was! Lesson learned: Don't cross the birch bark logs people have placed on the spur trails that aren't actually part of the portage! As for the actual portage, it was pretty muddy, and uphill from Caribou to the actual T
On 6/1/2016 10:40:13 AM, BobberRob said:
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Definitely the shorter option of the two portages from Clearwater into Caribou. The last half is as simple as it gets. 2/5
On 6/23/2015 9:40:59 AM, bookishmegs said:
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A little mucky, but not bad at all. A nice first portage from Entry #62.
On 6/21/2015 10:51:00 PM, lax4life said:
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Up and down portage that had 4-5 muddy pools along the way. Muddy landing at Caribou as well.
On 5/19/2015 1:23:21 PM, bigbluecheese said:
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There is a third fork on this trail that leads to the north campsites on the lake. Adds about 40 rods to this portage if you take that route.
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portage into Caribou
portage into Caribou by Wally
Caribou portage
Caribou portage by Wally
Rocky end of Caribou Prtage
Rocky end of Caribou Prtage by Wally
Caribou portage
Caribou portage by Wally
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