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Fourth Guide Trip

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Dates:August 5-10, 2018
Entry Point:4 - Crab Lake & Cummings Lake (BWCA)
Lakes:Bass, Burntside, East Twin, Everett, Fenske, Grassy, Little Long, Little Sletten, Low, Sletten, Tee

This trip was entirely Superior National Forest, not BWCA. We headed out from Little Long and made the long portage into Bass. This portage showed us what the kids would be capable of, and what pace we would have to set. We camped in one of the portage sites from Bass to Low.

Day two we took the river out of Low and into Grassy. We ate lunch at the Southern site. We portaged into Tee and then Sletten. We set up camp at Sletten. It wasn't the best site, but it wasn't too bad. Fire pit was nice, the tent pads are up a cliff from the fire pit.

From Sletten we worked our way through the chain and ended up camping at the portage into Twin. There is a really nice site on the North side of the portage. Really great tent pads and a good fire pit. We got hit with quite the storm that night, but it eased up before morning.

The next morning we listened as a wolf pack was howling to our North. Pretty cool encounter! We paddled down to Burntside, fought the wind there, before portaging back into Little Long. It was a pretty simple trip, but nice to get out all the same.

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