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First BWCA Trip

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Dates:July 23-24, 2019
Entry Point:55 - Saganaga Lake (BWCA)
Lakes:Gull, Saganaga, Sea Gull

Left the entry point about 0930, overcast skies and the lakes were calm. Made my way north to go over the peninsula and then south to Gull/Seagull lakes. Met a few motorboats while in the area of the peninsula and while aroundvoyageur's outfitting. The area just to the north of the first portage going into Seagull from Gull required me to get out of the canoe and pull it through the water over rocks. (This area is the spot seen on a map where the land comes closely together before opening up prior to the portage). Managed my first ever portage nicely, despite the rough terrain in the beginning with the tree roots. Made my way through Seagull until I made it to camp #2133.

Walking over the rocks

Here, I set up the bear barrel, changed into swim gear, and went swimming. Had two loons swim probably within 10 yards from me, and I assume because only my head was above water, they didn't know what I was. After cooled down, returned to camp and gathered firewood, filtered water, and set up my tent. For dinner, I cooked steak with the campfire and using a cast iron pan. The rest of the night was swimming off and on, and then sitting by the fire before climbing up a short rocky outcropping near camp to enjoy the sunset. Weather overnight was excellent, and not very buggy.

Sunset over Seagull

The morning woke me up to waves crashing into the shoreline, and having to wait until noon to paddle out of camp. Something in my gut told me to head back to the entry point versus continuing my trip for another three days (Thankfully so, due to the next two nights consisted of storms). I passed by a group that I believe were from the local outfitter standing on top of a great looking bluff face, so I made my way over. I spoke with them for a bit before taking a short trail to the top of the bluff that revieled beautiful views! I continued my way to the boat landing and then headed on back.

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