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Girlfriend's First Trip

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Dates:May 4-5, 2021
Entry Point:60 - Duncan Lake (BWCA)
Lakes:Bearskin, Duncan, Rose

Started at the parking area on Bearskin. The road to the lot is really cool and just makes you feel in the woods. At this point the weather was overcast, cold, and windy. We paddled across Bearskin to the portage to Duncan. Duncan was just as easy and we made quick work to the portage to Rose.

Looking ahead at the portage online here, I knew what we were getting into but I was still surprised. We were racing the incoming rain and breezed past the falls to get to Rose. We found the lake to be extremely wavy with white caps. I talked the girlfriend to push on to camp. We both got soaked by the large waves and slowly made way to camp.

Once we got to camp we breathed a sigh of relief and began to set things up to stay warm. Someone played firewood fairy thankfully before us so I started a fire to keep us warm and dry things out. The rain held off until after dinner which gave us plenty of time to gather more wood, snack, and relax.

The next morning we packed up and reversed the path we took in. What was an easy portage bewteen Duncan and Rose became grueling on the way back since we had to go up all the stairs.

At the entrypoint I was informed by the girlfriend that the portaging and camping was okay, however she hates the canoeing part in itself. Maybe I can talk her into another trip that might go over better next time.

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