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Second Trip in the BWCA

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Dates:August 13-15, 2019
Entry Point:30 - Lake One (BWCA)
Lakes:Four, One, Three, Two

This is my second trip in the BWCA. I began on lake one, and was happy to find the northern passageway from the portage was deep enough to go through. Made my way into Lake Two, and into Three where I set up camp. There was a man with his kids and golden retriever next to me who were very nice to talk to.

I set up camp and relaxed for the remainder of the evening. I casted a fishing line into the lake but never caught anything. I was also pleased to find I had phone service. Not a big deal, but I enjoyed making others jealous. A brewery in Ely sells beer in plastic crowler/growlers and I had picked up two of them that were tossed in the lake inside a bag to keep them cool. I placed a rock to weigh them down and it made for a great treat that evening.

The next day was spent exploring over to lake four. The wind had picked up so travel was limited for just myself with little experience. I ran into two men amongst the islands between three and four. They were cool fellows and if I remember right were from the south.

This was by far one of my favorite trips. The portages were nice and the campsite was amazing.

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