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Fishing with my Old Man

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Dates:May 21-23, 2022
Entry Point:37 - Kawishiwi Lake (BWCA)
Lakes:Kawishiwi, Square

I've fished with my old since I was a young girl, but never had I EVER taken a fish off a hook. Nor did I know how to fillet a fish. I wasn't afraid to, my old man just always did it. And I only ever fished with him.

I'm over 30 now and I thought it was aBOAT damn time I learned. My old man had expressed interest in joining us on a BWCA adventure (something I'd never done with him), and so we made it happen!

We left early on Saturday and headed up to Sawbill outfitters to pick up bait and a 3-person canoe. The drive to our entry point on Kawishiwi went quickly and we were off! We choose this spot because we didn't want to make the old man portage. This was strictly a fishing trip. I knew exactly which site I wanted (the last site, on the NW side of the lake) and we headed right there and snatched it up! My old man immediately threw a line in and we set up camp. We caught some jumbo perch: the biggest my dad said he'd ever seen and great eaters. After he handled a few of them, I had to keep reminding him to let me unhook the fish. I learn best by doing. After some shore lunch we jumped into the canoe to try some jigging. No luck. Venison (and tofu) steaks with taters made an excellent dinner, then we fished a little longer until we got tired and went to sleep.

On Sunday we paddled over to Square Lake to try some jigging there. Just when we were about to give up I pulled a big ol' walleye up to the surface, but alas we were too slow with the net and it slipped our grasp! We tried desperately to get another bite but the wind kept pushing us away from the area and we had forgotten the anchor at camp. Finally we gave up and headed back to Kawishiwi with no fish. With plans for fish tacos for dinner, we had some work to do upon returning. Leave it to the old man to pull in a nice walleye! And each of us ladies caught a jumbo perch. My old man filleted the walleye and I the perch. We were all set for the best tacos I ever had! We watched some busy beavers as we ate them. Right before dusk I thought I saw a beaver approaching our shoreline. It jumped onto shore and we immediately knew this slender individual was no beaver. It was a curious River Otter saying hello!

We packed up casually on Monday and headed out. My dad said it was one of the highlights of his life and he hopes we bring him again. We intend to!

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