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Pine Lake

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Dates:May 30, 2020 - June 13, 2020
Entry Point:68 - Pine Lake (BWCA)

My buddy and I decided to come back to Pine in the hope of catching more lake trout and walleye, but this trip ended up being fishless. Not to say we didn't try - with the weather being as beautiful as it was, we spent many evenings fishing in the near-perfect conditions once the wind died down. We camped at site # 730 this time, it was a nice site, great landing and nice flat tent pads. Paddled one night to the west end of the lake and made dinner, then fished our way back to camp, yup not even a bite. We talked to some people at the landing on our way out and found that we wern't the only empty handed fisherman, we all had the same stories, tried everything and not a bite.Thank goodness for the beautiful weather.

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