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Lake One to Weasel lake PMA

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Dates:May 28-31, 2022
Entry Point:30 - Lake One (BWCA)
Lakes:Judd, One, Rock Island, Two

Had a friend who wanted a BWCA trip but only had a few days over a busy weekend and we just wanted to relax, fish and get away from the crowds so we were able to obtain a permit for the Weasel Lake PMA. You get to this PMA via the Lake One entry point so that where we started.

Day 1 - Put in at Lake One and took the 2 short portages into Lake Two. From there we headed back into a small bay on the SW side of the lake to look for the old portage into Rock Island lake which is in the PMA. The portage was easy to find and actually not in too bad of shape. Wasn't long before we were paddling through the narrow channel and out into the lake. One reason I wanted to come here was that 40 years ago or so I had camped on this lake a few times with my Dad and with some college friends when it wasn't considered a PMA and there was an established campsite on the lake. Thought it would be fun to re-visit and see how the lake fared in the Pagami creek fire. We paddled to where the old campsite had been and it was basically destroyed by the fire, almost no sign of a campsite and no real place to camp anymore so we paddled all the way around the relativly small lake to look for a suitable place to setup camp. Picked a small but somewhat open point where I think other folks had probably camped and set up there. Found places to put our 2 small tents and hang a hammock. Turned out to be a great fishing site - caught a number of walleyes and slab bluegills right from shore. Had a nice fish dinner and settled in for the night.

Day 2 - fished and explored all around Rock Island lake, caught a number of walleyes (plenty to eat plus threw some back) and headed up into Judd lake for the afternoon. Water was high to it was a pretty easy drag up the narrow boggy channel and over a beaver damn to get into Judd. Was wondering if the long portage from Judd to Clearwater was still passable and was considering going over and trying to hike it when a group of 4 with 2 canoes came through it. Talked to them and they said the portage was not in too bad of shape and it was their understanding the the Ely Outward Bound school had adopted keeping it clear as part of their programming as the Forest Service had abandoned it after the fire (good to know for future reference).

Day 3 - after a laid back breakfast we packed up and headed back to lake One. Stopped at campsite 2219 which is on an island for the night. The wind basically blew us right onto the island, usually there is a pretty good landing site on this island but the whitecaps made it pretty rough. The island used to be a great campsite but with tress blow over during a big storm and a lot of use and a lot of brush growing I would rate it at 3 out of 5 now. There are still some nice tent and or hammock spots that are somewhat spread out. I ended up picking a spot on the backside of the island and found a place to land my canoe there out of the wind. Fished for the afternoon on lake One, caught supper and enjoyed a nice meal.

Day 4 - packed up after breakfast and made tp 30 minute paddle back to the landing. All in all was a nice relaxing trip, 3 short portages and got away from all the Memorial day crowds on the numbered lakes, caught a bunch of fish, re-visited a lot of good old memories and had a chance to catch up with a friend I dont see too often anymore.

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