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BWCA Portage 205 (Polly to Townline)

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Approximate Length:
442m (88 rods)


Climb/Descent Meters:

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On 6/12/2024 9:56:04 PM, motley said:
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The boardwalk TuscaroraBorealis mentioned has been upgraded! The north side is certainly steep, it doesn't make sense why the portage hasn't been extended to a more gradual entry to the NE...
On 6/16/2023 10:23:53 PM, TuscaroraBorealis said:
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It appears the Forest Service has some new timbers piled up just out from the Townline landing for presumably an overdue upgrade of the dilapidated boardwalk landing which is currently a muddy slog. Once on firm ground the trail is in good shape with the steep climb out of the awkward landing on Polly being the primary concern.
On 6/12/2023 3:26:02 PM, Riley Smith said:
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This is on the edge of the Pagami burn and starts off steeply from the north. It's a bit of a harsh climb in the very hot afternoon sun. Other than that, it's a beautiful stretch of trail.
On 9/27/2020 11:25:28 PM, JoeWildlife said:
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be carefull on the south end...I was there in fall 2020 and water was low. Stay on the timbers and corduroy...step one foot off to the right when heading south, and you will be thigh deep in muck. Easily preventable!
On 8/18/2020 10:29:26 AM, Mike Monahan said:
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The timbers on the south side of this portage where above the water and stable. We were able to pull the canoe along the side and through the muck. The portage itself is flat and easy but hot in the sun.
On 7/14/2017 6:44:29 PM, Northwoodsman said:
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The south end isn't too bad but watch yourself as you go down the hill at the Polly end. If you don't have good gripping shoes, or take it really slow, you will end up on your butt.
On 8/8/2016 11:49:18 PM, eagle98mn said:
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The timbers on the southern end were more stable than the previous review encountered, so maybe we were there in lower water? Still, a pretty mucky start to the portage when heading north. The Polly side has a pretty steep hill right at the end, watch your step. Other than the landings, the portage itself is pretty standard.
On 7/26/2016 11:05:46 AM, Walter Eyed Pike said:
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Timbers that were put in by forest service are floating. Best not to actually walk on them or you'll end up hip deep in the marsh. We floated the canoes as far as possible and avoided the floating timbers.
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Portage by Mike Monahan
Luft & Twins87
Luft & Twins87 by TuscaroraBorealis
Polly overlook
Polly overlook by TuscaroraBorealis
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