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TitleAuthorEntry PointDateLast UpdatedComments
Dad and I in Sylvania Joe Fellmeth2 - Crooked Lake7/8/20247/16/20240
Quick Trip to Rawn Lake bobrowicz12 - Pickerel Lake7/2/20247/5/20240
Larch Creek to Clove Phillip Santillan80 - Larch Creek6/21/20231/30/20240
2021 Trip Report - The Hard Nights Trip Riley Smith50 - Cross Bay Lake6/22/20211/24/20240
Back on Sawbill Ken Orwoll38 - Sawbill Lake8/27/20201/24/20240
2021 Trips - 2nd Staff Training Trip Riley Smith52 - Brant Lake6/14/20211/24/20240
2020 Trips - Labor Day on the Stuart Riley Smith19 - Stuart River9/5/20201/21/20240
2021 Trips - Why I Love to Share the Wilderness Riley Smith60 - Duncan Lake9/11/20211/21/20240
2021 Trips - Making the Most of High Water Riley Smith50 - Cross Bay Lake4/30/20211/21/20240
2021 Trips - Staff Training Round 1 Riley Smith43 - Bower Trout lake6/1/20211/20/20240
2023 Trips - A Wilderness Proposal Riley Smith60 - Duncan Lake7/23/20231/20/20240
2023 Trips - Our Voyageur Challenge - the Pace Canoe Riley Smith12 - Little Vermilion Lake8/31/20231/20/20240
2023 Trips - In Search of Lost Hope Riley Smith36 - Hog Creek5/26/20231/20/20240
2021 Trips - Gals Trip + Riley Riley Smith27 - Snowbank Lake5/15/20211/20/20240
2021 Trips - Canoeing in April! Riley Smith39 - Baker Lake4/17/20211/19/20240
2020 Trips - Fall Color Weekend Riley Smith68 - Pine Lake9/28/20201/19/20240
2020 Trips - Like Old Times Riley Smith58 - South Lake8/31/20201/19/20240
2020 Trips - Above Walls of Stone Riley Smith59 - Partridge Lake/South Lake Trail8/11/20201/19/20240
2020 Trips - Clearwater Riley Smith62 - Clearwater Lake8/26/20201/19/20240
2020 Trips - Making the Most of No Available Permits Riley Smith49 - Skipper & Portage Lakes8/6/20201/19/20240
2020 - Back by Dinner! Riley Smith55 - Saganaga Lake7/8/20201/18/20240
2020 Trips - Pride Comes Before the Fall....And After it Turns Out Riley Smith50 - Cross Bay Lake8/20/20201/17/20240
2020 Trips - A Time for Memories Riley Smith48 - Meeds Lake7/22/20201/17/20240
2020 Trips - "A mosquito-infested pit of muck and mire that also has a leech problem." Riley Smith45 - Morgan Lake6/22/20201/17/20240
2020 Trips - Two Nighter Through E Bearskin Riley Smith64 - East Bearskin Lake6/16/20201/16/20240
2020 Trips - Brant Lake Solo Riley Smith52 - Brant Lake6/9/20201/15/20240
2020 Trips - Larch Creek Solo Riley Smith80 - Larch Creek6/2/20201/15/20240
Lake One to Weasel lake PMA gjfellman5630 - Lake One5/28/20221/15/20240
Lake One canoeing & hiking gjfellman5630 - Lake One5/12/20221/15/20240
23 Man Chain to Saganagons TMcG62 - Carp Lake8/22/20231/11/20240
October Solo to Cross Bay Lake elkninja50 - Cross Bay Lake10/1/20231/9/20240
Stuart Lake Solo Wally19 - Stuart River5/8/201512/1/20230
Larch Creek to Gneiss Lake 7/29-8/1 Phillip Santillan80 - Larch Creek7/29/201911/17/20230
Tip of the Arrowhead TuscaroraBorealis69 - John Lake10/19/202311/15/20230
Took My Wife To Sylvania Joe Fellmeth2 - Crooked Lake9/12/20239/17/20230
First Trip To Sylvania Joe Fellmeth1 - Clark Lake8/21/20239/17/20230
Wife's First Trip eagle98mn47 - Lizz & Swamp Lakes8/17/20168/28/20230
Quetico Nym Lake Loop bobrowicz21 - Batchewaung Lake7/7/20237/10/20230
Quesedilla Incident rationmaster25 - Moose Lake6/2/20196/28/20230
Parents in the woods rationmaster31 - Farm Lake8/5/20226/28/20230
Magic on crooked rationmaster23 - Mudro Lake7/11/20226/28/20230
Did Juno, Aurora can carry a canoe now? TuscaroraBorealis40 - Homer Lake5/27/20236/28/20230
P Loop rationmaster14 - Little Indian Sioux River North5/30/20236/27/20230
Mandatory Family Fun (Guided) rationmaster34 - Island River7/26/20226/27/20230
Lamb Loop rationmaster27 - Snowbank Lake9/1/20226/27/20230
Feats of Strength rationmaster25 - Moose Lake9/1/20206/27/20230
The Big Island rationmaster21 - Batchewaung Lake5/15/20236/27/20230
Ironing out the wrinkles in my soul TuscaroraBorealis84 - Snake River5/13/20236/8/20230
2022 Fall Lake to Mudro via Crooked Lake collinsm2224 - Fall Lake7/4/20226/6/20230
Trek or Treat - Round 3 Riley Smith74 - Kekekabic Trail West/Snowbank10/29/20223/16/20230
A Week in January - Annual Winter Trip Riley Smith38 - Sawbill Lake1/8/20233/16/20230
Overnight to Dorothy's Riley Smith28 - Snowbank Lake Only7/29/20223/16/20230
Warmth, Wolves, and Wet Feet Riley Smith26 - Wood Lake3/19/20223/16/20230
2021 - What a Year Riley Smith62 - Clearwater Lake1/1/20213/16/20230
Trick or Treat Riley Smith86 - Pow Wow Trail10/31/20203/16/20230
Ice is Nice Riley Smith40 - Homer Lake10/17/20203/16/20230
Snowshoeing on Hard Water Riley Smith77 - South Hegman Lake12/9/20193/16/20230
BASSWOOD MOOSEBONE24 - Fall Lake6/2/20221/31/20230
ICED OVER CARIBOU LAKE MOOSEBONE62 - Clearwater Lake5/11/20221/31/20230
BASSWOOD MOOSEBONE24 - Fall Lake5/18/20211/31/20230
SEA GULL LAKE PADDLE MOOSEBONE54 - Seagull Lake8/27/20041/31/20230
Pine Lake MOOSEBONE68 - Pine Lake5/30/20181/30/20230
Pine Lake MOOSEBONE68 - Pine Lake5/30/20201/30/20230
Alder Lake MOOSEBONE64 - East Bearskin Lake6/7/20171/30/20230
Caribou Lake MOOSEBONE62 - Clearwater Lake6/8/20161/30/20230
Alder Lake MOOSEBONE64 - East Bearskin Lake6/11/20151/30/20230
Smye Lake to Flindt Landing (Wabakimi!) OregonDave13 - Smye Lake8/30/20221/28/20230
Dog sledding the 4 mile portage TuscaroraBorealis24 - Fall Lake1/21/20231/25/20230
Thomas Lake loop #27 to #30 colandene27 - Snowbank Lake5/23/20221/24/20230
Moose River North Entry to Lake Agnes GHamer16 - Moose/Portage River North of Echo Trail9/22/20181/20/20231
Fall Trip to Lower Basswood Falls Area GHamer23 - Mudro Lake10/2/20221/20/20230
Fall Lake, Winter Adventure 2023 drdavidalter@gmail.com24 - Fall Lake1/13/20231/20/20230
Another WCPP Trip from Leano Lake vern.dewit19 - Leano Lake7/11/20221/18/20230
Memorial weekend on Meeds TuscaroraBorealis48 - Meeds Lake5/28/20229/28/20220
East Bearskin redux TuscaroraBorealis64 - East Bearskin Lake8/12/20229/13/20221
Watch out for damaged white pine mzjustchillin@gmail.com32 - South Kawishiwi River7/26/20228/1/20220
Four Ladies on the Lady Lakes Wongo237 - Kawishiwi Lake7/21/20227/26/20221
Fishing with my Old Man Wongo237 - Kawishiwi Lake5/21/20227/19/20220
Memorial Day Fishing Wongo261 - Daniels Lake5/28/20227/18/20220
Little Gabbro Weekender Wongo233 - Little Gabbro Lake7/15/20227/18/20220
Wanipigow River bharrop1 - Wallace Lake7/23/20227/1/20220
Island & Isabella River tour, chasing the ice out. TuscaroraBorealis34 - Island River5/6/20225/31/20220
Big Moose and a little girl ~ A river less paddled TuscaroraBorealis8 - Moose River South9/23/20113/26/20220
BWCA Fishing - Into the Heart of the Minnesota Wilderness puckettgame637 - Kawishiwi Lake2/26/20222/26/20221
Cranebill Loop CarlyKimona4 - Rain Lake7/20/20212/21/20221
Day Trip to the Pictographs MNBorris77 - South Hegman Lake8/29/201912/8/20210
Second Trip in the BWCA MNBorris30 - Lake One8/13/201912/8/20211
Girlfriend's First Trip MNBorris60 - Duncan Lake5/4/202112/8/20210
Bringing a buddy on his first BWCA trip MNBorris38 - Sawbill Lake5/30/202012/8/20210
First Solo Trip Ben Strege1 - Trout Lake9/3/202011/12/20213
Homage to the Spartans and other paddling friends TuscaroraBorealis50 - Cross Bay Lake5/23/20218/21/20210
Shell Lake 2021 McGecker14 - Little Indian Sioux River North6/10/20218/10/20210
Lac La Croix Loop henrypcamp16 - Moose/Portage River North of Echo Trail5/3/20215/10/20210
Museum Lake Mission Fell Short motley30 - Lake One5/29/20204/1/20210
Paddling with Padres - A spiritual Exodus adventure TuscaroraBorealis23 - Mudro Lake8/17/20209/30/20200
Minnesota Kruger Challange MagicPaddler71 - From Canada9/13/20209/22/20200
June 2020 Kawishiwi River Loop through Pagami Creek Bohemeian29 - North Kawishiwi River6/6/20208/10/20200
Daddy daughter Duncan daytrips TuscaroraBorealis60 - Duncan Lake7/11/20207/30/20201
July 2020 Snowbank Loop Rickahlberg27 - Snowbank Lake7/17/20207/21/20200
Oram Lake hotpeppers17 - Shall Lake7/10/20207/14/20200
Rain - Cranebill - Islet - Rain stewartmbarclay4 - Rain Lake7/4/20207/7/20200
Hanging out north of the South Arm TuscaroraBorealis55 - Saganaga Lake5/18/20207/1/20201
Brook Trout and Johnson Falls IHearTheRain64 - East Bearskin Lake8/23/20196/13/20202
Memorial Day - Rush Lake RunnerRandy49 - Skipper & Portage Lakes5/22/20206/9/20200
Looking for the Headwaters of the Cache River Chris Hoepker51 - Basswood River8/23/20033/28/20200
Sawbill Labor Day paddle MnJohn38 - Sawbill Lake8/30/20192/17/20201
Woodland Caribou 2019 - Johnson Lake vern.dewit11 - Johnson Lake7/13/20191/10/20200
Woodland Caribou 2018 - Adventure Lake vern.dewit 7/30/20181/10/20200
Bower Trout - in and out TuscaroraBorealis43 - Bower Trout lake8/20/201912/31/20191
A solo new beginning TuscaroraBorealis27 - Snowbank Lake5/21/201912/28/20192
Ice Breaking Riley Smith30 - Lake One11/2/201911/23/20193
16 Day Figure 8 rout MagicPaddler75 - Cache Bay fly-in6/11/201911/16/20190
First Guide Trip Riley Smith24 - Fall Lake6/17/201811/7/20190
Little Indian Sioux Traipse PappyCase14 - Little Indian Sioux River North9/4/201910/30/20190
Canoeing in a Winter Wonderland Riley Smith43 - Bower Trout lake10/12/201910/17/20191
Second Guide Trip - 2019 Riley Smith25 - Moose Lake7/21/20199/3/20190
Staff Training Trip 2019 Riley Smith25 - Moose Lake6/1/20198/21/20190
First Guide Trip - 2019 Riley Smith29 - North Kawishiwi River6/16/20198/20/20190
First BWCA Trip MNBorris55 - Saganaga Lake7/23/20197/27/20190
Birch to Moose beelarrF - Moose Lk to Newfound & Sucker Lks6/3/20196/12/20190
Lake Opeongo - Bates Island 2018 pinehole11 - Lake Opeongo7/21/20186/11/20190
May Mudro Loop Joe Scott23 - Mudro Lake5/21/20196/5/20191
Ragged Lake 2016 melon6 - Smoke Lake7/2/20164/14/20190
Ragged Lake 2014 melon6 - Smoke Lake8/9/20144/14/20190
Burnt Island Mossies melon5 - Canoe Lake6/27/20154/14/20190
Fishing on and around Fraser Lake IHearTheRain27 - Snowbank Lake8/16/20183/31/20191
May 2018 chri185237 - Kawishiwi Lake5/26/20182/28/20190
Fourth Guide Trip Riley Smith4 - Crab Lake & Cummings Lake8/5/20182/24/20190
Third Guide Trip Riley Smith25 - Moose Lake7/15/20182/24/20190
Second Guide Trip Riley Smith30 - Lake One7/8/20182/24/20190
Days Off = Personal Suffering Riley Smith4 - Crab Lake & Cummings Lake7/1/20182/24/20190
Barrel Run to the Border Riley Smith23 - Mudro Lake7/26/20182/24/20190
Training Trip Riley Smith25 - Moose Lake6/3/20182/24/20190
It's All Me Riley Smith54 - Seagull Lake5/23/20172/24/20190
Little Day Trip Riley Smith54 - Seagull Lake7/5/20162/24/20190
My First "Real" Wilderness Trip Riley Smith55 - Saganaga Lake5/30/20142/24/20190
First Tastes 3 Riley Smith61 - Daniels Lake6/3/20052/24/20190
Bringing Others With Us Riley Smith61 - Daniels Lake6/19/20092/24/20190
First Tastes 2 Riley Smith61 - Daniels Lake6/4/20042/24/20190
First Tastes 1 Riley Smith61 - Daniels Lake6/6/20032/24/20190
First Time In PointMe2Polaris23 - Mudro Lake7/25/20111/28/20190
BWCA 2018: Saganaga, Zephyr, Gijikiki Tippy Canoe55 - Saganaga Lake8/31/201810/17/20180
Spring??? in the Misquah hills TuscaroraBorealis44 - Ram Lake5/25/20188/2/20182
Caribou Fishing Opener Wally62 - Clearwater Lake5/11/20185/14/20180
Woodland Caribou 2011 - Leano Lake Entry vern.dewit19 - Leano Lake6/23/20113/29/20180
Woodland Caribou 2014 - Leano Lake Entry vern.dewit19 - Leano Lake7/7/20143/29/20180
Woodland Caribou 2016 - Onnie Loop vern.dewit12 - Hjalmar Lake7/1/20163/29/20181
Tandem Rookie Trip Teenda27 - Snowbank Lake7/31/20143/20/20182
Four short BWCA Solos (and trip video) OregonDave31 - Farm Lake9/6/201711/17/20170
Poplar to Gaskin - September 2017 Northwoodsman47 - Lizz & Swamp Lakes9/16/201710/18/20172
Snowbank to Ahsub 5 day trip SnowBird201627 - Snowbank Lake9/4/20179/30/20170
Newton Lake Day trip SnowBird201624 - Fall Lake8/31/20179/29/20170
Day Trip Snowbank Lake SnowBird201627 - Snowbank Lake8/30/20179/27/20170
BWCA September 2017 Tippy Canoe55 - Saganaga Lake9/1/20179/26/20170
Day trip Fall Lake SnowBird201624 - Fall Lake8/29/20179/26/20170
Quetico Kawnipi Heaven Ranger185061 - Agnes Lake9/16/20179/25/20170
Old Guys in BWCA beeson23 - Mudro Lake9/10/20179/16/20170
Adventures on and Around Kekekabic Lake IHearTheRain25 - Moose Lake8/9/20179/10/20170
Insula Trip with Overnight in Fungus Lake PMA IHearTheRain30 - Lake One8/24/20169/10/20170
Long loop with a Big Crew IHearTheRain23 - Mudro Lake8/12/20159/10/20170
7 lakes with 5 newbies- Baker to Brule Lakes MSykes39 - Baker Lake9/1/20179/5/20170
Intro to Quetico itislaboeuf12 - Pickerel Lake9/1/20179/4/20170
Beaverhouse, Quetico, Cirrus Loop Chichi32 - Quetico Lake8/22/20179/4/20170
Day Trip into Crab lake MnJohn4 - Rain Lake5/27/20178/15/20170
Moose to Knife MnJohn25 - Moose Lake8/10/20178/15/20170
Kawishiwi Lake to Malberg Lake thisisnate37 - Kawishiwi Lake8/9/20178/14/20171
To Brent Indy BillG - Moose Lk to Prairie Portage to Basswood7/21/20178/4/20171
Bushwhack to the Wawiag MagicPaddler23 - Mack Lake6/15/20178/1/20171
Beaches,flowers and storms TuscaroraBorealis52 - Brant Lake6/9/20176/29/20172
June - Northern Highland American Legion State Forest (WI) Tippy Canoe 6/3/20176/23/20170
Fly-in 110 mile trip NW to SE through Quetico laxarcher32 - Quetico Lake5/19/20176/19/20173
Sag Loop matt1355 - Saganaga Lake5/14/20164/26/20170
First Solo Trip MnJohn38 - Sawbill Lake9/15/20162/7/20172
Algonquin - Tim River 2016 Chris Hoepker3 - Magnetawan Lake8/17/20161/23/20170
Western LaCroix and Lakes South patphillips14 - Little Indian Sioux River North6/21/201612/27/20160
Quintet finds Quiet solitude on QUadga TuscaroraBorealis75 - Little Isabella River7/7/201612/25/20160
Little Indian Sioux - South of Lac La Croix loop Mike Monahan14 - Little Indian Sioux River North9/16/201612/6/20164
Overnighter to Partridge Lake Tippy Canoe 11/5/201611/7/20160
Fall exploration of the Kawishiwi triangle TuscaroraBorealis31 - Farm Lake9/30/201610/30/20160
Rainy day people TuscaroraBorealis49 - Skipper & Portage Lakes5/28/201610/20/20160
Quetico Man Chain randerson72 - Man Chain Lakes9/3/201610/13/20161
Sawbill Lake Weekend Tippy Canoe38 - Sawbill Lake9/30/201610/5/20160
Woodland Caribou 2012 randerson19 - Leano Lake8/18/201210/4/20161
Quetico Falls Chain 2013 randerson73 - Falls Chain Lakes9/2/201310/3/20160
Frost/Louse River Loop matt1338 - Sawbill Lake7/21/20169/21/20163
Winona State Alumni Expedition #1 Walter Eyed Pike37 - Kawishiwi Lake6/17/20167/26/20160
Turtle-Flambeau Scenic Waters Area Tippy Canoe 7/22/20167/25/20160
BWCA June 24 - July 2nd Tippy Canoe55 - Saganaga Lake6/24/20167/21/20160
Saganaga Lake to Round Lake Mike Monahan55 - Saganaga Lake9/19/20157/19/20160
Sea Gull Lake loop 3 (tandem) Gavia54 - Seagull Lake5/25/20167/5/20160
Crooked Lake Loop patphillips22 - Mudro Lake - Restricted6/19/20145/1/20161
Lac La Croix (Its a Really Big Lake) patphillips14 - Little Indian Sioux River North6/26/20135/1/20161
NHAL - April 2016 AmateurHour 4/22/20164/25/20160
Adventure of a lifetime Alisdair24 - Fall Lake6/11/20154/1/20160
Snowbank to Kek and back matt1327 - Snowbank Lake7/11/20152/6/20160
Late September on Little Sag IHearTheRain51 - Missing Link Lake9/18/20141/31/20160
Woodland Caribou 15 day MagicPaddler9 - Lund Lake7/16/201512/29/20151
June 2015 - Birch --> Ensign FreeRangeZombie25 - Moose Lake6/20/201512/4/20152
Mudro in September Ugandaphil23 - Mudro Lake9/1/201411/26/20150
Seeking September solitude TuscaroraBorealis4 - Crab Lake & Cummings Lake9/21/201511/20/20151
First Quetico Trip Chris Hoepker12 - Pickerel Lake7/25/199511/8/20151
100 mile Ely to Gunflint side and back Bradford25 - Moose Lake9/9/201410/28/20151
Minnesota River in October TuscaroraBorealis 10/10/201510/25/20150
Snowbank to Adams Loop patphillips27 - Snowbank Lake6/23/201510/19/20150
My First fall trip patphillips29 - North Kawishiwi River10/9/201510/19/20150
Cross Quetico, Crane Lake to Moose Lake Chris Hoepker41 - Threemile Lake8/22/200810/19/20151
Wabakimi Solo 2015 jcavenagh 8/7/201510/10/20150
LateStart Doughboy1226 - Wood Lake10/1/201510/5/20150
2015 Sawbill trip tab132438 - Sawbill Lake9/24/201510/2/20150
Taking Amber to Amber Lake cycle00337 - Kawishiwi Lake8/15/20159/28/20152
BWCA - September 2015 AmateurHour55 - Saganaga Lake9/4/20159/15/20150
Nor'western waters TuscaroraBorealis12 - Little Vermilion Lake9/18/20129/5/20150
Big Slim TuscaroraBorealis7 - From Big Lake6/7/20138/16/20150
Sturgeon-Darkwater-Kahshahpiwi Loop Chris Hoepker12 - Pickerel Lake8/15/20147/25/20150
Canoe basecamp TuscaroraBorealis64 - East Bearskin Lake6/5/20157/21/20153
The fall falls & overlooks tour TuscaroraBorealis61 - Daniels Lake10/5/20137/17/20150
Father and Son Trip Joe Scott55 - Saganaga Lake6/27/20157/5/20151
First fish and a walking stick TuscaroraBorealis54 - Seagull Lake5/23/20157/5/20150
Little Indian Sioux through Lac La Croix cstom14 - Little Indian Sioux River North6/10/20156/21/20150
Snowbank to Lake One 1999 Ken Orwoll27 - Snowbank Lake6/13/19992/16/20152
Lady Lakes - Louse River Loop Ken Orwoll38 - Sawbill Lake7/13/20141/31/20156
American Point to Rabbit Lake; Day trip to fish Nawakwa; Day trip to Eddy Falls IHearTheRain55 - Saganaga Lake7/26/20131/29/20150
Lake One to Inslula; Day Trip South Hope; Day Trip Fish Dance IHearTheRain30 - Lake One8/24/20121/22/20150
The historic pictograph route TuscaroraBorealis77 - South Hegman Lake9/27/201411/27/20142
Woodland Caribou - A Short Jaunt, AUG 2014 jcavenagh8 - Donald Lake8/14/201411/7/20140
Fall Sawbill, Smoke, Burnt trip tab132438 - Sawbill Lake9/18/201410/9/20140
Chuck and Roast camprat73 - Falls Chain Lakes9/10/200710/9/20140
Tour of Seagull and Alpine Lakes (solo) Gavia54 - Seagull Lake9/6/201410/9/20140
Memorial Day 2014 Trek mlharris21 - Angleworm Trail5/23/20148/24/20140
Deadly storm of July 2014 trip Bradford16 - Moose/Portage River North of Echo Trail7/18/20148/24/20142
Sylvania Wilderness cycle0033 - Helen Lake7/4/20148/15/20141
Quetico Moments Auralee Strege12 - Pickerel Lake6/28/20147/10/20140
“Road Trip to Quetico fishguts44 - Bottle Portage6/10/20147/8/20141
Lake One to Moose Lake (group solo) Gavia30 - Lake One6/9/20147/8/20140
Border lakes Bradford16 - Moose/Portage River North of Echo Trail6/16/20146/30/20141
Rain, Reading, and Relaxation Auralee Strege6 - Slim Lake6/13/20146/20/20142
Maiden voyage exploring the Temperance River flowage TuscaroraBorealis39 - Baker Lake5/23/20146/10/20144
First Family Trip Ben Strege26 - Wood Lake5/22/20146/5/20141
Lac La Croix out-and-back (solo) Gavia16 - Moose/Portage River North of Echo Trail9/12/20134/26/20140
Sea Gull Lake loop 2 (solo) Gavia54 - Seagull Lake5/25/20134/26/20140
Sea Gull Lake loop 1 (solo) Gavia54 - Seagull Lake9/12/20124/26/20140
Basswood Lake out-and-back (tandem) Gavia24 - Fall Lake9/15/20114/26/20140
Moose Lake out-and-back (tandem) Gavia25 - Moose Lake5/20/20124/26/20140
Isabella River and Pagami Creek fire (solo) Gavia34 - Island River9/6/20114/26/20140
Crooked Lake area tour (tandem) Gavia23 - Mudro Lake5/29/20114/26/20140
Snowbank to Lake One loop (tandem) Gavia27 - Snowbank Lake8/31/20104/26/20141
Lake One to Snowbank loop (solo) Gavia30 - Lake One9/8/20094/26/20140
Lac La Croix out-and-back Gavia16 - Moose/Portage River North of Echo Trail8/12/20084/26/20140
Lake One out-and-back Gavia30 - Lake One5/19/20094/26/20140
Lac La Croix loop (solo) Gavia14 - Little Indian Sioux River North6/6/20104/26/20141
Kick off at Kawishiwi dontgoenuf37 - Kawishiwi Lake8/5/20133/30/20141
Cross Quetico in 1991 fishguts21 - Batchewaung Lake8/5/19913/18/20140
BWCA 1975 Trip fishguts25 - Moose Lake8/4/19753/18/20143
“A Quetico fly-in canoe trip without the plane.” fishguts43 - McAree Lake7/6/20053/14/20140
“Father and Son Dream Trip” fishguts43 - McAree Lake6/18/20083/13/20140
“There and back again” fishguts44 - Bottle Portage6/6/20113/11/20140
Lake One to Insula to Pagami Creek Randy.Pfeifer30 - Lake One9/4/20132/24/20142
Ottertrack-Cherry-Hanson bwbrian55 - Saganaga Lake7/20/20132/15/20143
Lunetta Lake Auralee Strege4 - Crab Lake & Cummings Lake5/24/20136/7/20134
Kawishiwi River Over Memorial Day Ben Strege37 - Kawishiwi Lake5/25/20111/21/20131
Pine Lake Family Reunion Ben Strege1 - Trout Lake9/6/201212/18/20122
Loop: Moose to Insula Lake (Pagami Creek fire) Randy.Pfeifer25 - Moose Lake9/15/201210/8/20121
The "In-Laws" Ben Strege37 - Kawishiwi Lake7/18/20095/22/20120
April Isle of Pines Trip Auralee Strege25 - Moose Lake4/27/20125/18/20120
Spring Pow Wow Hike Ben Strege86 - Pow Wow Trail4/22/20111/9/20125
Last Trip of the Season Auralee Strege22 - Mudro Lake - Restricted9/3/20109/15/20111
Lazy Summer Days Ben Strege27 - Snowbank Lake7/2/20109/15/20110
September Canoe Trip Auralee Strege1 - Trout Lake9/2/20119/11/20113
Buck Lake Auralee Strege1 - Trout Lake7/1/20118/30/20110
Shell Lake Weekend Ben Strege14 - Little Indian Sioux River North6/4/20107/13/20110
Perfect April Trip Ben Strege16 - Moose/Portage River North of Echo Trail4/16/20107/10/20111
Father & Son Ben Strege16 - Moose/Portage River North of Echo Trail9/4/20097/10/20112
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